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Training Tool for Corporate Training

Hello, I currently provide security consultation for MOD and I need to prepare training material for them. Is it possible I can get help with some training tools and materials and possibly some guidance for them?

Can any one help or advise please?

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Exam Voucher expiring

Hi I purchase few exam vouchers last year, however due to lock down and unavailability for conducting the class, 3 of my exam vouchers is expiring soon another 5 days. Is there any way i could extend it ? Or is there any one willing to purchase and use it before 23 Dec . Currently i am having 3 exam voucher.

Trying to sell it cheap at USD 260 only if any one wants it.


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Letter Grades for CertMaster Security+ Outcomes

I am completing my first semester using CertMaster Security+ as the basis of our "Information Security Fundamentals" course and need to assign letter grades at the end of the semester based on the results from the Boost Dashboard. This dashboard shows average PBQ, Quiz and Lab scores for each student, as well as the level of proficiency they have achieved in each module.

Has anyone yet mapped this output to appropriate letter grades, A, B, C, D, F?

I am thinking completion with an average across categories >= 90% AND median "Proficient" Proficiency, across all modules is an "A",
< 90% OR median < Proficient = "B".
Completion and >= 80% = "C"
Completion = "D"
and Incomplete = "F"

Any other ideas?