I recently participated in Cloud+ CV0-003 TTT. I am not able to access the CV0-003 course on CompTIA learning center. When I try to redeem the access key it says it has already been redeemed. I had received the same access key for new CompTIA server+ exam to access the resources prior to this. But now I received the same key. And I only see one course inside my learning center. Can you please help me with this?
Harendra Singh Thakur
same issue
Is it possible to get a Certificate of Attendance for TTT A+ Core 1 Sessions 1, 9, and 10? These 3 sessions are Videos unlike the others in the series which are Webcasts.
Anyone having issues updating profiles on CIN? Can't update the teaching section on my profile. Help greatly appreciated!
Preparing to take CompTIA Security Plus Exams.. any tips on how to prepare well this exam?