Hello Everyone quick question where can I find more information on the anticpated Data Analytic Certification roll out in 1Qtr. I've been able to located article and Ive listen to the on-deman meeteing held in Nov and Dec 21 but nothing that provides the information I'd find on a battle card . Please advise
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Rick Butler
My guess is much of those materials are still in development, since Data+ is pretty new. I'd say, stay tuned and perhaps during the TTT Sneak Peak, we'll see it, if not the full Train the Trainer.
Stephen Schneiter
Hi Connie, are several offerings to learn more about the upcoming Data+ cert launch. This will be a good place to check for information. We will be posting as new information is released.

We are looking to host the TTT beginning in March.
Hello Everyone,
I'm delighted to be a member of the CompTIA Instructor Network (CIN). I'm excited to share my experience with the community and eager to learn more.
Thank you!
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Stephen Schneiter
Hi Noordin, welcome to the community! Thanks for joining us.
Hi Stephen. Happy new year sir. I would wish to take Linux+ but I can't access any Linux+ series here in this platform. How would you assist me? Second, I participated in the CASP+ CIN TTT series and I am eagerly waiting for the voucher