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  1. Stephen Schneiter

    TTT for 2023

    Hello @Aidy, thank you for the suggestion. I know this would be a great addition. I will talk with the content team to see about being able to add more resources moving forward.
  2. Stephen Schneiter

    TTT for 2023

    Time flies!!! I cannot believe we are already on 3rd release of CySA+!!
  3. Stephen Schneiter

    CIN Meet Up at ACTE CareerTech Vision 2022

    @Lisa Roe you and Jennifer are on the list! See you Wednesday evening! Folks, there is still room around the table for anyone who can attend!
  4. Stephen Schneiter

    TTT for 2023

    Hi @Brandon G, we will start off the new year with the launch of CySA+ toward the end of Q1, there is planned two new data certs over the summer and then Security+ will have a new version launch in October. So, another active year for certification launches. Stay tuned to the community for...
  5. Stephen Schneiter

    CIN Meet Up at ACTE CareerTech Vision 2022

    Hi @Lisa Roe, Awesome Sauce! Looking forward to seeing you. I have you both on the list. Just send me your colleagues name, school and email and add them as well!
  6. Stephen Schneiter

    Completed SEC+ Course awaiting voucher

    Hi @Doug Hemphill that is correct, that the Security+ TTT is past the date for free voucher from CIN. The next live session for Security+ will be next October for Security+ SY0-701. With that said I am going connect you with your BDM and they should be able to assist with a voucher. I do not...
  7. Stephen Schneiter

    What's happening with CTT+

    Hello Everyone! Yes, the rumors are true. Here is the official scoop from CompTIA on the CTT+ Retirement. The CompTIA CTT+ certification will retire on March 31, 2023. CompTIA will not renew or replace this certification. Therefore, anyone preparing for this exam is encouraged to complete...
  8. Stephen Schneiter

    CIN Meet Up at ACTE CareerTech Vision 2022

    Oh no, I knew you were in the area, and was hoping you would be able to join us! Sorry to hear that!
  9. Stephen Schneiter

    CIN Meet Up at ACTE CareerTech Vision 2022

    Are you attending the ACTE CareerTech Vision 2022 conference, or are you local to Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A? If so, we would like to invite you to a casual dinner and social time with other CIN members. We have a room reserved just for CIN members on the Las Vegas Strip! Come join us for food, drink...
  10. Stephen Schneiter

    side hustle/contract

    I had an opportunity to teach a class in Japan, a few year back, and it was taught in English. Students did not have a problem following along.
  11. Stephen Schneiter

    side hustle/contract

    You might take a look at the CIN Job Board. You may find a side gig there that might work with your schedule.
  12. Stephen Schneiter

    CompTIA Project+ PK0-005 Pre-Launch Webinar

    Want to get an early heads-up on the new Project+ certification? Join us Tuesday, October 11th for the CompTIA Project+ PK0-005 Exam Pre-Launch Partner Webinar. In this webinar, we will: Discover how IT Project Managers play a pivotal role in the success of business outcomes Explore...
  13. Stephen Schneiter

    Pre-Assessment for the A+ exam

    I agree, I like CertMaster Practice as well. You can take an assessment in test mode, which will provide you and the student an idea as to where their strengths and weaknesses are. You could also use the assessment that is included with CertMaster Learn if you did not want to use CertMaster...
  14. Stephen Schneiter

    Hello, I would like to ask about exam voucher which I have attended training every time But until now I haven't.

    Hi @L|[email protected] [email protected], can you send me an email or DM with your email address and name so I can look into the issue? Thanks!
  15. Stephen Schneiter

    CIN Instructor Toolbox Series: Best Practices for CertMaster Lab Integration

    Be sure to join us October 19th for the next Instructor Toolbox session as we welcome Penelope Johnson from CompTIA and her quest, Eric Strause and Joel Nix, both from Skillable as they talk about best practices for integrating CertMaster Labs into your environment. Integrating CertMaster Labs...
  16. Stephen Schneiter

    CompTIA Project+ PK0-005 TTT Series

    Join us for the next, and final TTT series of 2022!! Project+ TTT series will begin on October 18th! Be sure to look at the dates for this one as sessions will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for this 8-session series! CompTIA Project+ is ideal for IT professionals who need to manage smaller...
  17. Stephen Schneiter

    Status on the A+ Vouchers for 1101-1102 TTT

    No, I thought they would go out last week. I talked with our team this morning, and I am hoping they get distributed very soon. Thank you everyone for your patience!
  18. Stephen Schneiter

    Partner Summit: Day 1

    Get ready!! Capture-the-Flag is getting ready to launch! Good Hunting everyone!!
  19. Stephen Schneiter

    Partner Summit: Day 1

    Day 1 off to a great start!! Folks stopping by the Learning Lab for demonstrations of CertMaster Solutions!
  20. Stephen Schneiter

    I have not received my exam voucher.

    Hi, the A+ vouchers are just now going out with the email team. You should see it by weeks end.