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  1. Teckkie2k

    CompTIA A+ Remote exams in Africa.

    Prometric, CompTIA's testing partner does offer online exam test taking.
  2. Teckkie2k

    Thoughts on Ghost CompTIA Certifications

    Wow $2.90 for Starbucks? What a great deal!!! I think the HTI+ was ahead of it's time!!! Now is the time to bring it back now that home automation is actually in homes, duh.
  3. Teckkie2k

    Teaching Networking Using GNS3

    Hey, it's dark in here... Is the GNS3 working?
  4. Teckkie2k

    CompTIA ICT Educator

    I would love to watch it.
  5. Teckkie2k

    Server+ - Post-Peek thoughts

    Steve, welcome back! We need you! I think this description is a good foundation.
  6. Teckkie2k

    Server+ - Post-Peek thoughts

    Yea Count me in.
  7. Teckkie2k

    Server+ - Post-Peek thoughts

    Good point Steve.
  8. Teckkie2k

    Server+ - Post-Peek thoughts

    Hey Liz, I'm impressed. A VP reading our post. Cool. First of all, Server+ is one of the only Vendor-Neutral Server Exam that actually is praised by the IT Server community. Take a moment to google Server+ and you will be amazed by the countless praises on multiple platforms. The only company...
  9. Teckkie2k

    Certmaster Learn for ILT

    Al I can demo it for you.
  10. Teckkie2k

    Server+ - Post-Peek thoughts

    What? Security+ is entry level, Then CYSA+, then if you want RED PenTest+ or Blue CASP+...
  11. Teckkie2k

    Some 'fun facts' about the Joined: dates for members

    oops, I already messed that up. I bother Stephen all the time, lol
  12. Teckkie2k

    Teaching Networking Using GNS3

    Lee, it was a great session. I tried GNS so many times in class and spent so much time troubleshooting students... Your session not only demonstrated the power of GNS also you shown us how to manage it. Thank you
  13. Teckkie2k

    IATP Now CompTIA IT Pro

    @Steve Linthicum, I'm confused. It just seems like a discount program more than a group.
  14. Teckkie2k

    Server+ - Post-Peek thoughts

    While I think Server+ is a necessary cert, unfortunately, CompTIA doesn't market it properly. So it's relevance and importance is unclear.
  15. Teckkie2k

    Some 'fun facts' about the Joined: dates for members

    I hover over you guys name and most of you joined in July, cool stuff. I'm glad the CIN is here and I want to help out as much as I can.
  16. Teckkie2k

    Learning to Drone - Chapter 1 - Whaddya Mean I Don't Getta Fly Yet?

    Good stuff, Rick!!! you will be TOP GUN in no time.
  17. Teckkie2k

    My Observation/Comment/Suggestion on TTT videos.

    Ace the TTT are not for students. They are designed and delivered as an aide to the Instructors. They give guidance to the instructor on how to deliver the content to the students. Therefore they don't fellow any learning content structure or syllabus.
  18. Teckkie2k

    ITF+ Public Domain (Free) Learning content

    Wow Steve this is so cool!!! I added it to my Canvas and is reviewing it now.
  19. Teckkie2k

    Security+ SY0-601 Sneak Peek

    Thank you Rick. Coming from a fellow Sneak Peeker. I'm honored.