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  1. Mandeep Singh

    Voucher CySA+

    Hi @Stephen Schneiter, I also have not received an exam voucher for CySA+. Kindly seeking your assistance on this.
  2. Mandeep Singh

    Thanks CompTIA

    Just received hardcopy of my Server+, Cloud+ and Pentest+ today here in Fiji Islands. TTT webinar, official resources and CIN really helped ... Also like to thank Stephen for organising these webinars and providing us with resources n vouchers.😎 Cheers all 😁
  3. Mandeep Singh

    CIN TTT Series - CompTIA DataSys+ DS0-001

    Registered 🙏
  4. Mandeep Singh

    A+ Exam Passed!

    Congrats (y)
  5. Mandeep Singh

    Project+ (005) TTT voucher arrived

    Ya me too still waiting 😁
  6. Mandeep Singh


    me 2:cool::cool:
  7. Mandeep Singh

    Project+ TTT Vouchers

    Me 2 :cool::cool::cool:
  8. Mandeep Singh


    Congrats! (y) (y) (y)
  9. Mandeep Singh

    Passed CySA+ (CS0-002)

    Congratulations on your achievement Kiran. (y)(y)(y)
  10. Mandeep Singh

    IT Certifications Roadmap - 4/2022 4/2022

    Includes Data+ as well
  11. Mandeep Singh

    A+ Classroom Length

  12. Mandeep Singh

    Linux Voucher

    Hello Everybody, Has anyone received the Linux XK0-005 TTT voucher yet? :unsure:
  13. Mandeep Singh

    Passed Cloud+

  14. Mandeep Singh

    A+ Classroom Length

    hi J, I usually go for 3 days per week, where each session is of 3 hours. I manage to finish off the content in 6-8 weeks. During this period students also get an opportunity to do the required practicals as well.
  15. Mandeep Singh

    Linux+ XK0-005 TTT Series

    i have registered .... 7pm CTD in Fiji Time is like 12:00 PM (12:00) Next Day ... looking forward to live sessions :)
  16. Mandeep Singh

    CompTIA Certifications Level

    Thanks Jarrel, (y)(y)(y)this really helps ... as i'm currently offering A+, Network+, Cloud Essentials at my institute and planning to offer the above mentioned certifications training in near future.
  17. Mandeep Singh

    CompTIA Certifications Level

    thanks rick for your feedback ... by the way i'm from Fiji ... :cool::cool::cool:
  18. Mandeep Singh

    CompTIA Certifications Level

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know at which level (1 - 10) the following certs align to in National Qualification Framework? ITF+ Security+ Linux+ Cloud+ Project+ CySA+
  19. Mandeep Singh

    CySA+ TTT Series

    i was actually after the instructor guide ... which we used to get in the past webinars ...;)
  20. Mandeep Singh

    CySA+ TTT Series

    i'm also not able to find it in the resources list. only student ppts and mapping file is available ... No instructor / student guides books:cry: