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  1. shaify

    TTT Network N10 009 start

    Thank you for give update …
  2. shaify

    TTT Cysa+ voucher Status !

    waiting eagerly ...
  3. shaify

    TTT Cysa+ voucher Status !

    thank you
  4. shaify

    Looking for a certified CTT Instructor for East & Southern Africa Region

    great knowledge ... inspiring ...
  5. shaify

    Videos in Comptia Certmaster CYSA+ 003 are very interesting and helpful

    I am also going through them ...
  6. shaify

    Thanks CompTIA

    Great … congratulations
  7. shaify

    Passed Project+ last night!!

    Congrats ...
  8. shaify

    CIN TTT Series - CompTIA DataSys+ DS0-001

    registered ...
  9. shaify

    Access Key has Expired

    once redeemed, i think it will work for 90 days only. do the labs as soon as possibele
  10. shaify

    3rd Party Training Materials or Official CompTIA Learn & Labs

    yes true, but let me tell you that not all customizations are made to make coins. Depends on the student level understanding the content and methodology should be changed by parallelly using CompTIA content. It doesn't mean that the stunt is to make money always.
  11. shaify

    CySA+ TTT Labs

    finished upto 3rd lab. nice labs good content ...
  12. shaify

    100% PASS RATE

    great ... kudos ...
  13. shaify

    CIN Sneak Peek: CompTIA DataSys+ DS0-001

    registered ...
  14. shaify

    CySA+ TTT Labs

    yes tried, didn't get any issue
  15. shaify


    as per IST, it starts in India by 9:00 pm ...
  16. shaify


    30th May 2023
  17. shaify


    even i didn't receive
  18. shaify

    What are the next Certifications Webinar coming up? please would list them

    super webinar series, going good .. listening to recordings also ....