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  1. Ziad Sobri

    CIN TTT Series: Network+ N10-009

    Registered. Thank you @Stephen Schneiter
  2. Ziad Sobri

    Problems with PBQ questions on MacOS?

    I found it difficult to schedule an exam at the testing center because my work time did not allow me to take the exam at that location. Almost all of the certification exams I took were done at home. So far the problem with the PBQ CompTIA exam questions is that it's just a bit difficult to...
  3. Ziad Sobri

    Problems with PBQ questions on MacOS?

    Thank God, i just passed the Security+ exam. But there is one problem, one of the PBQ questions does not display the output mentioned in the question. So that I don't know the problem asked in the question, so I chose the answer by guessing 😅. Was this happening because I'm using MacOS...
  4. Ziad Sobri

    I have just received my Linux+ VOUCHER

    Just received mine too. Thank you @Stephen Schneiter . Already registered for the exam. Still waiting for A+ and Project+, but because i need A+ certification immediately i bought the vouchers and passed A+ exam ;)
  5. Ziad Sobri

    Instructor Project+ in Indonesia

    Well, kapan2 bisa ajak saya mas Fariz ;)
  6. Ziad Sobri

    Status on the A+ Vouchers for 1101-1102 TTT

    Hello @Stephen Schneiter Not received the A+ Core 1 voucher yet.
  7. Ziad Sobri

    Just Passed Network+ Exam N10-008

    Just passed the CompTIA Network+ exam. Not too happy with the score I got, but that's the result. Need to study more deeply. I have approximately 23 years of experience in the networking field and have also obtained several vendor-based network certifications (Cisco, Juniper, MikroTik etc.), but...
  8. Ziad Sobri

    Voucher for A+ Core 1 220-1101 TTT series

    Sometimes it can take up to 2 months after the TTT session ends to receive the exam voucher. So instead of waiting, I chose to re-learn the TTT materials and the official guide from CompTIA, in order to better master the materials so that I can convey them well to the training participants. And...
  9. Ziad Sobri

    CompTIA Free Data+ Voucher TTT series

    I have received a Data+ exam voucher. Thank you @Stephen Schneiter and the CIN community