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  1. Steve Linthicum

    Sort of Retired

    I'm happy to say that all of my fall semester grades are in, and I'm enjoying a workload for this month that is almost nothing. I am teaching a single course in digital forensics that for some unknown reason has only one student, requiring adjustment since a number of the assignments are...
  2. Steve Linthicum

    Why We Do This

    Guys, I've share this attachment with Stephen and others at CompTIA, but I think it goes a long way at explaining the difference we can all make as CIN members. A while back there was a posting in the CIN Jobs section about mentoring for a non-profit. Since oftentimes I'm no longer gainfully...
  3. Steve Linthicum

    Offensive Security's Free Metasploit Unleashed Course

    I'm interested in finding out if any of you have incorporated this free Metasploit Unleashed course as content in any of your classes. If so, which course level (e.g. Security+, Pentest+, etc.)?
  4. Steve Linthicum

    Advisory Committee Meeting

    One of the requirements for most academic programs that are characterized by the label "career and technical education" is they need to have advisory committees composed of people from business and industry ("employers"). This requirement is in likely recognition of a need to have input on what...
  5. Steve Linthicum

    The Review and Prep Site

    Thoughts on this site:
  6. Steve Linthicum

    CIN Meetup Photo

  7. Steve Linthicum

    You Did IT!

    I guess I did it too many times.
  8. Steve Linthicum

    Mapping SY0-601 Exam Objectives to TryHackMe Rooms

    The attached is an effort where I'm mapping rooms on the TryHackMe site to specific exam objectives for the SY0-601 exam for inclusion in my efforts to build supplemental content for the fall Security+ courses I'll be teaching. You may find this useful.
  9. Steve Linthicum

    Complete ITF+ Course In Canvas

    I've packaged a course that is largely public domain (grant-funded), and with the exception of access to the Practice Labs virtual lab environment, free access to the content is available. All you need is to download the course export file (link below) and set up a free Canvas LMS teacher...
  10. Steve Linthicum


    So, who among us is planning to attend the Community College Cyber Summit scheduled for November 5-7 in Dayton, Ohio?
  11. Steve Linthicum

    Connecting Professor Messer Security+ Videos with the Official CompTIA Instructor/Student Guide

    In my effort to create structured learning content in a Canvas Learning Management System for a class this fall where I'm utilizing CompTIA's Official Student Guide and Labs for the Security+ (SY0-601), I'm planning to direct students to Professor Messer's videos that relate to this...
  12. Steve Linthicum

    Sierra College - Ransomware Attack

    Prior to "retiring" and moving to SoCal, I served in a full-time faculty role at Sierra College for 18 years teaching IT, cybersecurity and law related courses. During my tenure, I spent time strongly suggesting that the College's IT Department staff should be taking courses and obtaining...
  13. Steve Linthicum


    CSSIA has built a nice set of “interactives” on different cybersecurity topics. Since they receive grant funding for the development of learning products, we can all use them. Access is provided below.
  14. Steve Linthicum

    Why Instructors Should Join Infragard (and Recommend Students do the Same)

    Part of what we do is designed to make students better taxpayers. To succeed in this effort we need to help many of our students to have a stronger resume. A way to do that is to promote actions that will (1) increase their involvement in IT/cybersecurity-related groups, and (2) help them to...
  15. Steve Linthicum

    Number of CompTIA Exams Passed

    Logging into the Certmetrics CompTIA site, and clicking on the "history" tab, lists the CompTIA exams. For the record books, I've taken and passed 36 exams. How about the rest of you (Lee, etc.)?
  16. Steve Linthicum

    Video Explaining Method for Handling CompTIA Exam

    For the CySA+ Academic class I'm teaching this semester, I recorded a presentation I gave today that gives my recommendations on (1) time management, and (2) how to guess intelligently when you have no idea what the answer is. You may want to look at it and potentially share the ideas I present...
  17. Steve Linthicum

    Thoughts on CompTIA's Security+ Learning Content

    I'm interested in the thoughts of others relative to CompTIA's content (Official Student Guide and Certmaster Labs). I'm finding the content of remarkable quality, and I'm planning to utilize these products for both contract and academic courses that I'll be teaching in the future. Early on in...
  18. Steve Linthicum


    While not free, I did reach out to ITPro.TV to see if CIN members were entitled to a discount for access to their learning products. As you can see from their response below, we are entitled to a 50% discount: If you can share a discount within the instructor network, please feel free to share...
  19. Steve Linthicum

    Pay What You Can Training from John Strand - Black Hills Information Security

    Wanted to share this with you. I've admired John Strand's teaching efforts over the years, and I think many of you will find the time spent taking these courses is beneficial. Hey folks! We don't have any Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) webcasts this week because… reasons...
  20. Steve Linthicum

    Security+ 601 Resources

    Found this on Reddit and thought people would find it useful: Security+ 601 Resources Security+ 601 Resources Trainer Resource Type Website Sari Greene Video O'Reilly Media Ian Neil eBook O'Reilly Media Dawn Dunkerley eBook O'Reilly Media Daniel Lachance / Glen Clarke eBook...