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  1. Hemlock

    Certification statistics?

    I'm wondering if there are publicly available statistics (or graphs) on CompTIA certifications taken, say in North America (or world wide) over the last few years. We are re-vamping our Technology program at our college and will be designing new courses that will align in parallel with CompTIA...
  2. Hemlock

    Tax on vouchers?

    I just purchased an academy partner A+ voucher for $106.00US and noticed there is now a $12.72 tax, so the total bill came $118.72 US. I purchased an A+ voucher in June for $106.00 US, no tax. Something change recently? Thanks,
  3. Hemlock

    Academy partner - discount vouchers for students?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone could give me a refresher on how students can get discounted vouchers via the online CompTIA store? I guess I'm just curious how the process works, as I've forgotten from the webinars that were presented months ago. :) Do the students sign up with an account, and...