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  1. Steve Linthicum

    Need some Advice

    With the welcome assistance of two community college faculty and a high school teacher.....
  2. Steve Linthicum

    Complete ITF+ Course In Canvas

    It would be very helpful to have students walk into an A+ class, already having the ITF+ knowledge.
  3. Steve Linthicum

    PenTest+ TTT

    Lee, are you out here in California (Pacific Time Zone)? If so, we ought to do lunch....
  4. Steve Linthicum

    New Instructor Advice

    What "floats my boat" evidences itself in a page from a book written by the former Vice-Chancellor of the California Community College System. The bottom line is we need to focus on drawing potential students to the fields of IT and cybersecurity.
  5. Steve Linthicum

    New Instructor Advice

    Most of the teaching I've done is through taxpayer-funded colleges. Where my time was paid for by taxpayers effectively justifies treating learning products as "public domain" resources.
  6. Steve Linthicum

    New Instructor Advice

    Please reach out to me at [email protected]
  7. Steve Linthicum

    Sort of Retired

    I'm happy to say that all of my fall semester grades are in, and I'm enjoying a workload for this month that is almost nothing. I am teaching a single course in digital forensics that for some unknown reason has only one student, requiring adjustment since a number of the assignments are...
  8. Steve Linthicum

    Seasons Greetings, CIN!

    Ditto from me....
  9. Steve Linthicum


    A nice way to illustrate subnetting is defining a particular need, like a router to router network, where all you want to end up with is two valid host IP addresses for the subnetwork ( Example: = Network Address = Host 1 = Host 2 =...
  10. Steve Linthicum

    CertMaster Learn Solutions - We are here to help you!

    Rick, et al. I'm heading into the end of the semester, evaluating what's next. Frankly, I'm missing the physical classroom, not seeing the light bulb go on in the eyes of my students. Zoom, while better than nothing, just doesn't cut it. I'm teaching a single class in the spring, down from the...
  11. Steve Linthicum

    CertMaster Learn Solutions - We are here to help you!

    Concluding teaching a semester-long Security+ course next week, I'm pleased with the result of both the CompTIA Student Guide and the CompTIA labs. For the spring semester, I'm utilizing the CySA+ resources provided by CompTIA and I've been working in advance, making sure that their content...
  12. Steve Linthicum

    Calbright College Seeking Part-Time/Remote/Contract A+ Instructor

    Calbright is unique to the California Community College system composed of 116 colleges, in that its focus is on career and technical education, something other colleges include as part of their mission but are also focused on student transfers to 4-year colleges and universities.
  13. Steve Linthicum

    New Instructor Advice

    Nikki, I've elevated you to the "teacher" role. Let me know if there is anything else you need. I'm working on a similar effort that is aligned with the ITF+ certification. Currently placing their labs into the grant created content (public domain) that a group of us (me, two full-time community...
  14. Steve Linthicum

    New Instructor Advice

    I am teaching a college course this fall that is a dual enrollment course, with most students currently in high school. The class is designed to utilize CompTIA Security+ learning content (specifically their student guide and their labs). With the help of a couple of CIN members, we've developed...
  15. Steve Linthicum

    Looking to Give Back a Little?

    Guys, I took the lead on it, and finish it up tomorrow (see my blog posting). Great things happen to me when I volunteer. It has been an enjoyable experience. The CompTIA payback, evidences itself on my "Meals on Wheels" website (see Teresa's donation). Thanks CompTIA......
  16. Steve Linthicum


    Having experienced substantial trainer/teaching opportunities in both the 5-day boot camp-style format and the academic format that dates back before CompTIA's certifications existed, while I've found it possible to lightly cover their exam objectives, I think we have to be honest in assessing...
  17. Steve Linthicum

    Instructor Toolbox - CertMaster Solutions

    Stephen, the occupations listed on the registration page are a bunch of C-Suite guys and not your typical job we in CIN hold. Interesting.....
  18. Steve Linthicum

    Why We Do This

    Guys, I've share this attachment with Stephen and others at CompTIA, but I think it goes a long way at explaining the difference we can all make as CIN members. A while back there was a posting in the CIN Jobs section about mentoring for a non-profit. Since oftentimes I'm no longer gainfully...
  19. Steve Linthicum


    The attached provides utilization of the Presentation Guide for a Security+ Course I'm teaching this fall semester. Note that I expanded it to include the weeks of instruction along with the start date for each week. In its original form, the presentation guide is designed for a 5-day format...
  20. Steve Linthicum

    Offensive Security's Free Metasploit Unleashed Course

    I'm interested in finding out if any of you have incorporated this free Metasploit Unleashed course as content in any of your classes. If so, which course level (e.g. Security+, Pentest+, etc.)?