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  1. Lee McWhorter

    Is it just me? Site slow and errors today

    Things are running very slow, I'm getting JSON errors, and just got this one... Anyone else?
  2. Lee McWhorter

    New way to solve Quadratic equations

    New way to solve Quadratic equations #Math #Somethingnew #AlwaysLearning
  3. Lee McWhorter

    Free 4-hour Discovery course for IT, Networking, & Cybersecurity

    I'm part of the Open University Community through NetAcad. They just put out a free resource I thought folks might be interested in checking out. See below: " Earlier this year, the OU Cisco ASC collaborated with City & Guilds and FutureLearn to create a short, 4hr Digital Discovery course...
  4. Lee McWhorter

    Cybersecurity virtual con from Red Team Village

    The DefCon Red Team Village, of which I'm a part, is holding a virtual con Mayhem 2021 on Saturday, 5/29/31 and it's free. The schedule was just released so here's a link to it. Hopefully some of you and/or your students will find it fun and educational.
  5. Lee McWhorter

    Great bundle of Cybersecurity books
  6. Lee McWhorter

    Very interesting and educational read on the latest major attack you're all hearing about...

    SolarWinds attack explained:
  7. Lee McWhorter

    Another heart warming story, from my own neighborhood.

    Another heart warming story, this time from my own neighborhood in North Austin. My wonderful wife Kris McWhorter spearheaded a drive to put up a food pantry. Her Dad built it, friends helped paint, and the outpouring of support from neighbors has been amazing. So proud of her I had to share! :)
  8. Lee McWhorter

    Central Texas story that warmed my heart

    Central Texas story that warmed my heart. #autism #football #goodnewsstory Had to share. :)
  9. Lee McWhorter

    Some 'fun facts' about the Joined: dates for members

    Some 'fun facts' about the Joined: dates for members If you look at a CIN member profile you will see the "Joined:" entry denoting the date a member joined the CIN Forums. There are a few 'fun' or historical facts about these dates. 1) If you see a date before July 31, 2019 then you are...
  10. Lee McWhorter

    UEFI bootkit

  11. Lee McWhorter

    DEFCON Red Team Village Class

    I got the honor of teaching class for the Red Team Offensive Village at DEFCON Safemode this year. I thought I'd share. It is on building a cyber range in GNS3 and hopefully some will find useful. Plus this post pushes me ahead of @Stephen P again on the leader board muhaha. P-) Lee
  12. Lee McWhorter

    Great list of Virtual Security Cons

    A good friend of mine from the DEFCON Red Team Village and Grayhat, has put together an amazing list of all the security conferences that have gone virtual due to Covid. For those interested in or learning Cyber Security, the ability to attend such virtual events has been one silver lining of...
  13. Lee McWhorter

    Cyber Career Pathway Tool from NICCS
  14. Lee McWhorter

    PenTest+ class opportunity with NetCom Learning 9/28/2020

    NetCom Learning is looking for an instructor to deliver their CompTIA Pentest + training in the week of Sep 28th. They contact me about it, but I am unavailable so offered to share it here. If interested contact: Swedha Rajan Training Director NetCom Learning Direct: (646) 741 4380 Email...
  15. Lee McWhorter

    Some free Python resources from Microsoft
  16. Lee McWhorter

    Blog on Project Management and Cyber Security

    I had a blog I wrote for CompTIA posted a few days ago on the importance of Project Management in Cyber Security and IT. Thought I'd share. :)
  17. Lee McWhorter

    Bad news for fans of Yellow Circle

    I have been using Yellow Circle as a completely free (and no CC required) alternative to the 'free' Cloud accounts through the major vendors. Unfortunately it seems they have recently changed things so that even the lowest account has a $1 cost now... While admittedly quite reasonable for what...
  18. Lee McWhorter

    Humble Bundle of Wiley certification books, including a good number for CompTIA exams.

    I love the Humble Bundles, good deals for good causes.
  19. Lee McWhorter

    Looking for a remote Cyber Security Instructor job? How about mine? :)

    Hello All, As many of you know, I've been working with Woz U for the last couple of years helping to develop, build, and teach their Cyber Security program. I have actually been doing this on about a 3/4 time contractor basis given my other projects and work. We are looking for someone to...
  20. Lee McWhorter

    Input on minimum ideal A+ lab equipment (& labs)

    Hello All, I'm going to be having the opportunity to teach a cool course covering A+, Net+ and Sec+ soon. I'm comfortable with all the content and we will be using CompTIA materials, but I wanted to get some input / feedback from all of you A+ instructors (I'm looking at your @Walt Jaqua among...