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  1. Cyber Russ

    220-1102 Exam

    Team, I sat and passed (updated my A+), 220-1102 last night! Great exam, @comptia ! From the perspective of the Help Desk, the exam hit its target. Customer service is extremely important and that was stressed on this exam. The questions were real-world and gets you thinking. would I...
  2. Cyber Russ

    A+ 220-1101 PASSED!

    Good morning, team! I sat and passed 220-1101 last night. Congrats to @comptia for a great job with this exam! The questions were on target with troubleshooting and the simulation questions. A few tips: Know your objectives. Know the "why's" over the "whats". Printers! Yes, know the laser...
  3. Cyber Russ

    Partner Summit 2022

    Team, PS 2022 is here and back in person! That is fantastic news! Looking forward to learning more about the topics and events!
  4. Cyber Russ

    A+ Train-the-Trainer

    Team, we've had an excellent start with the A+ TTT! A+ has always been one of my favorite certifications, as it covers a wide range of IT topics. This certification allows a future IT professional to decide what IT career to pursue. As a CISSP, I still enjoy the contents of A+ and what this cert...
  5. Cyber Russ

    Cybersecurity Lunch n' Learn

    I had the opportunity to do a Lunch n' Learn with a local dentist's office. I raised cybersecurity awareness on various topics such as small business data protection best practices, social engineering, working from home, various flavors of malware, and social media.
  6. Cyber Russ

    New Network+ Exam N10-008

    Team, I just sat and passed/renewed my Network+ exam. Excellent exam! It definitely hit on most-to-all networking objectives. I thought the simulation questions were realistic and painted a real-world environment picture. Know the 'what' and 'why' of each testing objective. Keep at it! Keep...
  7. Cyber Russ

    PenTest+ TTT

    Good morning! Great start with PenTest+ TTT with @Lee McWhorter . I have one question with this TTT. Why is it scheduled to start at 8:00 pm est? Is CompTIA steering away from TTT during the work day?
  8. Cyber Russ

    New Cloud+ Exam Success

    Team, I had spent time in the virtual testing center last night and passed/renewed my CompTIA Cloud+ certification! An excellent exam that covers a great deal of the cloud architectural environment. For those that are pursuing a cloud career path, I do recommend this certification. Keep at it!
  9. Cyber Russ

    Cyberstates 2021

    Team, to further assist your students, peers, or colleagues, a great reference is CompTIA's Cyberstates 2021 guide. This guide lays out the statistics in each state of cyber job roles, industries, wages, and more. This guide is another tool for your toolbox to help guide and coach those that...
  10. Cyber Russ

    Cloud+ Final Assessment

    Hello! The final assessment for the new Cloud+ curriculum displays a denied access message for the sim questions. I am not sure if you are aware of this. Thank you! @Stephen Schneiter
  11. Cyber Russ

    YOUR Certification Roadmap

    Team, what is your certification roadmap? What is your next IT certification? Certification Roadmap
  12. Cyber Russ

    Cloud+ TTT Curriculum Access

    Hello!! I am attending Cloud+ TTT and I can not gain access to the Instructor manual with the voucher that was emailed. When I enter the voucher, I get a message that states the voucher has reached its limitation. Is anyone else having that issue? @Rick Butler @Stephen Schneiter Thanks!
  13. Cyber Russ

    Passed Server+ (SK0-005)

    Team, this past weekend, I sat and passed the new Server+ exam. I feel the certification update addresses most-to-all situations in today’s Systems/Network Administrator job role. The exam nicely addressed installation, licensing, Windows/Linux administration, CIA Triad, and TROUBLESHOOTING...
  14. Cyber Russ

    CASP+ vs CISSP

    Team, I have recently passed CISSP! Wow...what a journey! I've actually made a video about it, which I will share. Last year, I've concurred CASP+, which was also a challenge. Funny, I was unsuccessful twice with both certs before passing. Talk about stress, but I set a goal and achieved it...
  15. Cyber Russ

    Good Morning Texas

    This morning I had an opportunity to speak with Good Morning Texas about the importance of cybersecurity with a focus on account security. Great time, lots o' fun! Tips on avoiding hackers while working from home
  16. Cyber Russ

    CompTIA Partner Summit

    Hello! Is everyone ready for the Partner Summit? Are you attending?
  17. Cyber Russ

    A+ Value

    Hello everyone! From your perspective, what is the value of the A+ certification in the field, from a Hiring Manager's eyes and to the candidate? I am making a video about the value of the A+ certification, as I feel it is a great certification to have. Thank you! CSLounge
  18. Cyber Russ


    Hello Team! Today was my day! After CISSP kicked my butt last year, I've been studying CompTIA CASP+ for a year with dual unsuccessful results. I did not let it get me down. What is did do was get me angry! While studying for CASP+, I've upgraded my A+, Network+, Security+, and grabbed Cloud...
  19. Cyber Russ

    TTT Instructor Manual

    Hello! Where can I locate the TTT manual for the latest version on Cloud+? Thank you!
  20. Cyber Russ

    Cloud Essentials+ Testing Feedback

    @Stephen Schneiter @Stephen P Gentlemen, how are you? I've just tested and passed Cloud Essentials+ this morning and wanted to provide feedback for future change consideration. The exam questions were fair, to the point, non-confusing and testing objectives aligned. There was not one question...