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  1. MNomadic

    CIN TTT Series: Data+ DA0-001 Begins March 8, 2022

    That's awesome! Do you know when we can expect to see more updates on other data-related certs?
  2. MNomadic

    ITF Update / Date There's an ITF+ SME workshop next week for objective development and then another in April for item writing so I would surmise that sometime after those occur is when they will be ready to release an update.
  3. MNomadic

    CTE Awareness Month - Share your Success!

    A couple of nice accomplishments: - 1 of my students just got accepted to start a cybersecurity externship this spring! - My class is signed up for NCL and I'm super excited for them!
  4. MNomadic

    Looking for security+ instructor

    Interested if you're still looking.
  5. MNomadic

    CASP+ CAS-004 Exam Voucher

    Myself as well, Thank you @Stephen Schneiter !
  6. MNomadic

    CompTIA Data+ Certification Beta Exam score report is now available

    Interestingly this turned out to be a CE cert rather than GFL. I also noticed the CompTIA site has a separate certification category for data & analytics now and it only contains Data+. Perhaps CompTIA plans to develop more certs in that category?
  7. MNomadic

    Linux+ 005 beta?

    I'm curious if SMEs are limited in all capacities or just the ones related to your SME subject? Example: say someone teaches security+ topics only but applies to be an SME for something like ITF+? Would that work as they're not directly related?
  8. MNomadic


    I was planning on getting CTT+ but I'm actually about to get my teaching license which is more applicable to my industry. I'm not opposed to getting CTT+ though, are there any specific benefits that I should know of? (Besides of course having another lovely cert to add to my wall of certs)
  9. MNomadic

    Freelancer and becoming a CompTIA Training Partner

    Hey just curious how it works to show you're a CompTIA training partner? I teach cybersecurity fundamentals at my school and target my lessons around sec+. I know my school is a CompTIA partner but not sure if there are any extra steps I would have to take? Thanks!