CompTIA DFIR certification

Rick Butler

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  • Aug 8, 2019
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Hi guys!!
    I would like to know if CompTIA has a DFIR (digital forensic and Incident Response) if yes which Cert? I mean no CySA.
    No. CompTIA has no specific certification for Digital Forensics and Incident Response. CySA/PenTest/CASP talk about these topics, but there's nothing in that space, specifically. /r

    Rob F

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    Nov 7, 2019
    FYI. There are Digital Forensics certs available though other organizations. For example SANS and elearn Security/INE.

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    There has never been broad buy-in relative to industry recognition for forensics certifications, other than the recognized vendor certifications (specifically Encase or FTK). Best to provide "forensics" evidence of this truth. A while back (ISC)2 had their CCFP (Certified Cyber Forensics Professional) certification. The certification was launched in 2013.

    Sadly, based upon a post dated January 30, 2018, The community manager for the (ISC)2, in response to a question, wrote:

    Re: Is the (ISC)2 CCFP Certifcation totally dead or will it be revived?

    Hello Fenix!

    At the direction of the (ISC)² Board of Directors, we conducted a thorough evaluation of the entire (ISC)² certification portfolio. This review is conducted periodically to ensure our credentials meet the highest industry standards, ranging from impact to society, the needs and satisfaction levels of the professionals holding the certification, as well as adoption rates compared to similar credentials in the market.

    Our review concluded that CCFP no longer meets the strict requirements necessary to remain recognized as an (ISC)² certification. Following the guidelines established by (ISC)² Certification Scheme Committee and approved by the (ISC)² Board of Directors, the CCFP will be designated an inactive credential effective Aug. 21, 2020.

    There are currently no plans to replace CCFP with a new (ISC)² certification. However, forensics will remain a component of our future professional development strategy and offerings for members.


    My sense is CompTIA, if guided by this attempt at a forensics investigation, will conclude not to offer a related certification.
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