Brima Deen

Brima Bob Deen: Salvation Academy President/CEO

During his first two years, Mr. Deen began the extensive process that led to the strategic plan of combining professionalism and compassion for disadvantaged American Citizens, Legal Residents, and even nonresidents of the United States. Over the course of his first two years, which he referred to as “The Year of Listening,” he worked with faculty, staff, and community members to help students discover their potentials. He trained and educated hundreds of students in acute financial difficulties at little or no cost to them. In the second two years,

Mr. Deen worked with the Northern Virginia WorkForce, the Skill Source Group, the Virginia Board of Nursing, the National Health Career Association, CompTIA, and Cisco Systems to finalize his strategic plan that focuses primarily on providing professional training and financial support to reveal the God-given potentials of Refugees, the Unemployed,

Educationally Disadvantaged, and the less fortunate community members, while strengthening the Academy’s profile as a distinctive place of learning, and employment opportunities.

His third two years at the Academy have revolved around implementing the initiatives of the strategic plan. Deen worked with the Academy’s community to launch Salvation Academy Health Care and Private Security Training and Employment Services and engaged all program participants into his education to career program to envision innovations that will support

students/graduates as they put their training and education into action. By placing graduates into their dream jobs he restores their human dignity and respect in their families and in the community.

Mr. Deen’s education to career programs focused on helping students develop valuable skills and professional experiences prior to graduation.

Additionally, he has moved to diversify the increasingly selective student body, faculty, and staff; to invite well-known Information Technology Professionals, Allied Health care professionals, Private Security Officers, and Professional Nurses to join his team. Deen’s fundraising strategies guided by the grace of God for these initiatives have led to historic accomplishments. The years under his leadership have been the most successful training and employment stretch in the Academy's history, including training some of the men at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center (ARC) on a very limited budget. Deen is a leading scholar in the field of Business Administration, Information Technology

Allied Health Education and is regularly called on to speak as a pastor and Motivational Speaker about the value of education and employment services. Deen's talks on the importance of education and employment services are engraved in his speeches, "Innovation and Collaboration as Catalysts for New Ideas," which he has delivered at several churches and community organizations throughout the community. As the Administrator, Allied Health Care Instructor, US Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS) General Instructor for Private Security Officer and a Resource Person for Nursing Education, he regularly teaches classes in Allied Health Education, Information Technology, Private

Security training and Nursing Education. In 1995, he received his First Degree, BA in Business Administration from the College of Business in Freetown, Sierra Leon West Africa. In 1997 he received his Advanced Diploma in Business Administration AD.BS from Law Studies, School of Law and Social Science, London United Kingdom.

In 2003, received an Executive Diploma in Global Business Management (GBM), from the University of California, Riverside USA. In 2006, got certified as a Health Care Instructor CHI from American Hearts Association the USA

In 2010, Mr. Deen join the CompTIA of IT Professionals by obtaining CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ certifications.

In 1999, Mr. Deen established the Institute of Professional Administration and Management (IPAM) for refugees in Gambia West Africa while he was also a refugee.

In 2000, he partnered with the Institute of Management of Information System (IMIS), Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), Association of Business Executive (ABE) and the Institute of Chartered Secretary and Administrators (ICSA), all based in London, United Kingdom for certification of students at the school in Gambia, West Africa.

Mr. Deen is originally from Njala, Southern Sierra Leone, West Africa, where he grew up and attended the University Experimental School, entered the University Secondary School, graduated, and proceeded to Njala University College, a constituent college of the University of Sierra Leona, due to the civil war. He relocated to the capital city Freetown, where he gained admission into the college of Business Studies, a United Kingdom (UK College) in

Wellington, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

After graduation, he obtained employment as a Computer Network Support Consultant for the United Nations World Food Program. (UNWFP) and United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Freetown Sierra Leone West Africa.

He was forced to relocate to Guinea Conakry, West Africa due to another civil war in the capital city Freetown. Stayed in Conakry from 1996 to 1998, returned to Freetown in November 1998 with the hope that the civil war was over.

In January 1999, there was another civil war that forced Mr. Deen to relocate to Gambia, West Africa, where he established the Refugee School IPAM in April 1999.

In 2001, he traveled to the United Kingdom, in 2002, He traveled to the United States as an Executive Student to pursue a course in Global Business Management in the New Economy.

In March 2006, Mr. Deen established Salvation

Academy in Alexandria Virginia. Since its inception, the Academy has supported thousands

of destitute community members including some of the men at the Salvation Army

Rehabilitation Center ARC in Alexandria, Northern Virginia.

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