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    CompTIA Free Data+ Voucher TTT series

    You could directly DM to Mr. Stephen to get the helps.

    New Linux+

    Are you trainer for Linux+?

    Data + TTT Voucher

    Please be patient. Mr. Stephen and teams are processing with PearsonVUE to get the code. They shall distribute to everyone when the codes are available.

    On-Demand Sessions for A+ Core 2 220-1102

    Ten On Demand Sessions by Mr. Allen Stubblefield. Happy watching! All Ten sessions (Full)

    No access to A+ Core 2 220-1102 TTT Session 4

    @Jarrel, No need to wait 12-24 hours. I have seen that you have just wait from 2 - 3 hours are ready to see on-demands. As SteveM status, I think they are browser cache issue.

    Place to see what courses you have taken or registered for

    Maybe there are some improvement in ON24, the Certificate button shall be brighter when the session is near go the end. Very interesting!;););)

    Certification preparation resources (Reddit negativity)

    This is sensitive subject. My opinion about the information that is given in the Reddit, he has said that he has been using all official resources to "self study" and "failed the exam", so my question how many percent that he has really understood about the topics in all official resources? The...

    Data + voucher

    As he has informed in the Session 4 of A+ Core 2 TTT, he has received the approval for Data+ Exam voucher, now he and his team shall process to get the voucher code, then shall deliver to qualified attendees. So please wait.

    The new access code for A+

    If you have joint A+ TTTs and was qualified attendees, you could receive the access code to access documents in 30 days.
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    Free CompTIA Learn + Labs + Practice for instructors?

    NOT Free. You must purchase if you want. In some special cases, you can access them through some special offers from your Rep or events.
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    The way to redeem A+ Core 1 Access Code

    You can contact with your regional manager to get the support for this one.
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    Assessment questions

    You could check in here.
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    PEN + exam

    It is real VM environments with Ubuntu OS.
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    I have not received my exam voucher.

    As Mr. Rick Butler has concerned if you have qualified to receive the voucher then you have booked to receive the voucher code. If you have not still received the code, maybe there are issue in distribution processes, do not worry because all information has been recorded. So now you should make...
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    On-Demand Sessions for A+ Core 1 220-1101

    Ten On Demand Sessions by Mr. Allen Stubblefield. Happy watching! All Ten sessions (Full)