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  • Hope your keeping well , a while back I did Data+ and Server+ TTT Series webinars

    if you get a chance I would really appreciate if you can get me the vouchers for server+ data+ and linux+ I have attempted exams on my own costs but was unsuccessful at first attempt , im sense ready to take them again.

    best regards
    Matthew browne
    Stephen did not mention anything about the late vouchers (Core1 or Core2) in the last session.
    And please inform us if we do not qualified to received these vouchers.
    Because we have been sending it for more than 15 days
    I also have not received the discount voucher yet
    I finished the A+ TTT series on time.
    Is it necessary to send the proof to you @Stephen Schneiter so that I can get the voucher.
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    Richard Johnson
    I too have not received A+ voucher for core 1 & 2.
    I write to stephen from 10-8-2022 till now he not respond why A+ core 1 TTT series voucher late till now
    I see a disregard since we haven't come to a confirmation.
    Knowing that we obtained the certificates of proof on the specified dates.

    I see some of us recieved voucher A+ Core 1 yestarday and other not recieve

    What happen?

    I attached the proof of attendance certificates. I see that I am out of the list !



    • certificate_175682702_a9f2019f.pdf
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    • certificate_175687843_e3c96e0e.pdf
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    • certificate_175691149_d64e021f.pdf
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    I write to stephen from 10-8-2022 till now he not respond why A+ core 1 TTT series voucher late till now
    I see a disregard since we haven't come to a confirmation.
    Knowing that we obtained the certificates of proof on the specified dates.
    Hello and good evening Stephen. I was looking through the posts for PenTest+ and realized that I did not see access to the instructor guides or anything. I even checked my email again for it and still could not find the access codes for it either. I was wondering if you could check that for me please,
    Stephen Schneiter
    Hi Robert, yes, I can get you an access code for Pentwater+. I am currently at Partner Summit 22, if by chance I forget and you do not receive it in the next day or so, please drop me an email to nudge me.

    Sorry Stephen for not being right on top of this for the reminder. With work being busy, the Partner Summit ( which I was able to be a part of online)and other things I did end up forgetting about the access to the Pentest+ 30 day access to the book.
    Hi Stephen, Hope you're not too frazzled from all the activities you're involved in. I'm just adding myself to the list of those waiting for the A+ materials...
    Thanks for all you do for CIN community.
    Joel M
    Hi Stephen. Thank you so much for all the efforts you guys are doing to the instructors. I have checked in this platform and people have received the Access key and instructor guides for the A+ Core 2 but I haven't received mine. Can anything be done on your side I have access to these instructor guides?

    I will really appreciate any efforts made on this. Thank you.
    Hi Stephen,

    Have the A+ Instructor Guides gone out yet? I have been keeping an eye out but have not seen any codes

    Thank you for your help

    Hi Steven,
    I have not received any codes for the A+ certmaster /ebook yet and all the other instructors at my college have gotten them last week. How do I go about getting codes?
    Thank you!
    Hi Stephen, I hope you are well.
    I am taking the A+TTT via on demand casts. I took the Net + before this. I was wondering If we still get the pdfs for the books or are we required to buy our own? I was not able to find a Net+or an A+pdf, or the alternative... I missed the memo! :0)... please advise.
    Thanks, and best wishes,
    Hey Stephen I hope that all is well. I have retired from my instructor position at Colorado Springs School District 11. I am currently working part-time with UCCS and a local start up on high school IT/Cybersecurity programs. Please let me know if you can have someone change my email address to [email protected] as I was unable to do so on the website. Best regards, Bill
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    Stephen Schneiter
    Bill I will get this updated for you.
    Hi Bill, I am getting ready to transition out of the military here in Colorado Springs and am moving into the cyber/instruction field. Right now I am teaching for Varsity Tutors, CyberEd Academy, and privately. Would love any advice or pointers that you have since it sounds like you are established in COS. Thanks!
    Just a question about Pentest+ 002. I watched all of the series. Episode 10 was live when I watched it also. The site was telling me that I did not watch episodes 8 and 10. So I had to re watch them. I was interested in getting the voucher for the Pentest+. But without those 2 episodes supposedly being unmatched. I think it was beyond the 2 week time frame but I am unsure. Is there anyway you check?
    Patrick Asamago
    Ensure you download the certificate of attendance and keep it, it might help later.
    Hello Patrick. I usually do print and download the certificates, but there was a few times I was at work and had to get them at a later time. I did re-watch the 2 episodes that said they were missing in the mean time, but I am still unsure if it was in time for the voucher.
    Stephen Schneiter
    Hello @Robert Bodnar, I just check the distrobution list and you are on there. Not sure why you were receiving that message from ON24. But, you will receive a voucher.

    I am hoping vouchers go out this week. I have sent them on to the email team that handles mass emails. So, the old saying "The vouchers in the mail" may apply here. Anyway, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
    Hi Stephen. I participated Data+ TTT session since day 1. Would like to know when can I receive my Data+ instructor guide? Thanks.
    Farhin Ahmed
    Hey Umy, I guess it'll come altogether with the voucher. I'm wondering about the exam pattern!
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