Classroom setup with Student Upload vs Classroom Setup with Access Keys

Marquis Rodgers

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Sep 19, 2019
Hey @Bert313!

It's great to hear you are purchasing CM Learn for ILT A+ 1001 and good question on the two options of the "student upload" or "access keys."

There really isn't one that is more beneficial than the other, the student upload model will allow your chosen admin to upload each student name, email, set a password for the student and ultimately assign a contract to the CertMaster Learn software. The access key model we would create a unique link for your institution and you would then send that out to students, once they follow the link they would be assigned a contract and put within the A+ course.

There is not a limit to either one and I've also included a great doc we created to detail each method.

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It is about time that we had a TTT on how instructors can benefit by utilizing the CompTIA suite of learning products. The TTT could include a demonstration on how "Student Upload or Access Keys" work, and how the products can be utilized to provide a useful experience for both the instructor and student. I've detailed my personal experience with CompTIA's learning products and I'm recommending them for the academic classes I'm teaching (see my blog at ).
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