Cloud+ TTT Voucher?

Brianna Greenberg

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Jul 27, 2021
I attended all the Cloud+ TTT sessions and downloaded my participation certificates, however, I have not received any voucher for the certification exam. This was my first TTT so I am not familiar with the process. Does it normally take this long or do I have to submit something else?
Thanks for any information!
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  • Apr 9, 2020
    Viet Nam
    Same with me. I didn't received any Cloud+ voucher. I already checked my mail including the spam folder.

    Hoping to get one soon. :rolleyes:
    The TTT is closed in more 4 months, I think all participants (that have complied with the TTT requirements) have received the voucher code by email from Mr. Stephen. If you did not received the voucher code, I think that you have not complied with the TTT requirements or you have deleted this email (not sure).