Question of the Week #15 - Final Assessments - ANSWER


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Nov 12, 2019
Hey everyone, we got some great responses and insight already, so I will continue some of those messages and provide our insight as well. Please see the attached file for more detail and screenshots of the specific product platforms and functionality.

CertMaster Learn
As we know with CertMaster Learn, this is the FIRST step into learning, where a lot of concepts are new, and the learners are really just taking in everything they can in their first step of preparing to become certified. Within each lesson, the learners will have "Practice Questions" which are timed (just like the certification exam) but will be presented in groups of 10-15 questions per lesson. Once ALL of the lessons have been completed, it is now time to take the FINAL ASSESSMENT. For CertMaster Learn, this is the final step into validating the learner's grasp of the concepts and material, and a decision can be made to move to the certification exam, or into further validating their skills with the use of CertMaster Practice.

Pro Tip: Within the "Resources" section in CertMaster Learn (left margin, at the bottom underneath Game Center) you will see a document titled "Mapping Course Content." This document will come in handy either when preparing for the exam, or if you are taking the exam again. This will highlight ALL lessons within CertMaster Learn and how they map to the CompTIA Exam objectives for that specific certification exam. Please urge your Students to pay attention to this document and keep it handy.

CertMaster Practice
With CertMaster Practice, we have moved from the learner mentality into the "Test-Prep" mindset. CertMaster Practice is chock full of exam review questions (700-1000) and are presented in groups of around 12-30 depending on the module and exam objective weight that is covered within the certification exam. Again, the Practice Test within CertMaster Practice will help solidify the learner's knowledge and fully validate their readiness for the certification exam.

Pro Tip: When using the timed Practice Test within CertMaster Practice, because we have already learned and absorbed all of the content from CertMaster Learn, we can use this test at the BEGINNING of CertMaster Practice as our first-step validation to see where the learner left off in CertMaster Learn. Once going through more practice modules, we can use this again in the MIDDLE and lastly at the END to help further validate the learner's readiness for full certification. Best practice is 2-3 times through the practice test with a score of 85-90% or higher (only 80% is needed to pass the certification exam, but this will give your Student a buffer as the questions will somewhat vary on the high-stakes exam)


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