Seeking Advice on Updating Learning Content

In conjunction with a grant funded project I administer, we had two community college full-time faculty members and one high school teacher create learning content that relates to the CompTIA ITF+ exam objectives (FC0-U61). The content is accessible in the form of a Canvas LMS file that can be imported into Canvas. Since this is grant-funded it is open-source relative to public use. The problem that we recently encountered is having content that needs to be corrected. We are looking at ways to do it. My thought, and I'd like feedback is to create an errata (sheet of errors) that would identify the date of listing and information relating to the change that needs to be made (e.g. correct an answer on a quiz). The errata document would be on the web page where the content file would be downloaded.

While we would periodically update the master Canvas file, those using the file would need to periodically check the errata sheet to see if they need to make changes to the course content they are using or reusing.

If you want to look at the learning content, use it, or help us identify issues, you can download the file at the following site:

Once on the site, scroll down near the bottom to the area identified as "Descriptions and Links" and open the plus (+) sign next to "Open Source Dual Enrollment Canvas Package." You will then be able to download the file by clicking on the link. If you need a free Canvas teacher account where you can upload the course for use, set up a Canvas account at:
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Thank you for sharing Steve. Have you gotten any feedback from students yet or had any students take the class and pass the exam?
We started using the curriculum this month. It is being test-driven by two groups (one community college and one high school). So far things appear to be going well, with a minor hiccup that relates specifically to a Canvas issue. That high school instructor wrote:
We are experiencing problems daily with learn.syned and the ITF+ course. My class of 29 students are unable to take quizzes because the system appears to be overloaded. Any ideas how to avoid this?

The course content is great, but there is an obvious bandwidth issue.

I'm pleased with his comment about the learning content. SynEd ( is hosting the LMS and hopefully they have resolved the bandwidth issue.