What is the difference between CertMaster Learn and learn.comptia.org

So, learn.comptia.org is the website to access your CertMaster Learn content. It's basically a portal that should show you the CertMaster Learn modules. If you look at the User Portal (top right under your account), you should see all the modules to which you are subscribed, as well as their status, whether active or expired. /r

Liz Wannemacher

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Jul 31, 2019
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Hi All

What is the difference between CertMaster Learn and learn.comptia.org. I already have a subscription for learn.comptia.org do I need CertMaster Learn as well or is it the same content?
Hello Steve -

Great question. The web address learn.comptia.org is actually our "online platform" for delivering our CertMaster Learn courseware. When you purchase an access key for CertMaster Learn, CertMaster CE or an eBook you are directed to this website to "redeem" your access key and access the product.

This is also the place where you go to redeem access keys for evaluating free sample courses and consider for adoption.

Try logging in to learn.comptia.org with your credentials and look to see if the CertMaster Learn course is in your portal/library.

If you want to evaluate CertMaster Learn to use in your instructor-led course, you will want to reach out to a sales rep (I can help you find that person), or if you don't see it there and you wish to use for personal training you will need to purchase an access key from the CompTIA store.

Does that make sense? If you need someone to contact you directly, please email me at [email protected].

Thank you,
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