Community Guidelines

What is CIN?

CompTIA Instructor Network, or CIN, is a global community of instructors who provide CompTIA certification training, collaborate, share best practices, and receive valuable resources from CompTIA. Participate fully in the CompTIA Instructor Network to enhance your certification training skills, so you can help students become proficient contributors to the IT industry.

Do’s and Don’ts

We encourage you to read the following Do’s and Don’ts before posting. They are designed to ensure that CIN remains professional, vibrant, and useful for all group members. Since there are gray areas, CIN moderators reserve the right to interpret postings so the group can successfully lead change in the certification training field through knowledge sharing and communication. Members are encouraged to help the network in this process by reading and following these guidelines, flagging inappropriate content and informing one of our moderators of spam and inappropriate content. This is the professional etiquette necessary to provide a network that is relevant worldwide. Continual misuse of the guidelines could lead to member removal. Members who do not follow this etiquette may receive a reminder or may be removed and/or blocked without additional notice.

DO be professional, kind, polite and respectful of other members.

Treat all members as you would like to be treated. Maintain professionalism within the forum in your words and interactions with others.

DON’T use profanity.

Obscene, racial, sexually explicit language, or hate speech is not permitted and will result in suspension or termination of the account. Also, avoid using slang or making jokes. Since tone often doesn’t carry across online, jokes and sarcasm can be easily misinterpreted.

DO bring value to the conversations.

Discussions and shared links must clearly relate to the betterment of individual in certifications and certification instruction. Bringing value means researching, giving details, and providing personal experience. Keep responses focused on the topic at hand in order to advance the professional development of CompTIA instructors.

DON’T try to sell something.

Refrain from creating advertisements because all spam messages will be removed in addition to a violation or suspension. Promotions of products and services (even when free) are not allowed. Job posts need to be in the job discussion area and must be limited to instructor related posts only.

DO flag comments.

Inappropriate, offensive, or spam comments should be flagged. Controversial topics unrelated to the subject matter, such as politics and religion, should also be flagged.

DON’T bombard boards.

Please do not grandstand within the forum. Make sure to be polite and respectful and give others and opportunity to share. It may seem harmless but over-posting or posting the same article multiple times can cause a nuisance to people having meaningful discussions.

DO be cautious with what you post.

Remember that even private forums are still somewhat public so avoid providing information such as your email address or personal information.

DON’T create or participate in flame wars (also known as “trolling”).

Make sure to be polite and respectful and give others and opportunity to share. Creating posts that are instigating chaos or arguments will not be tolerated. Substance is key to postings.

DO embrace feedback.

Remember to respectfully disagree and accept constructive criticism. Know when to “agree to disagree” and move on with the discussion.

DON’T plagiarize.

Cite your sources and give credit to copyrighted material. Discussion items must be self-contained. While articles, blogs or other reputable certification training and instruction sources may support a good discussion, these resources cannot substitute a discussion. They can be posted in the Resources section on (hyperlink)

DO direct all questions to customer support. (hyperlink)

The forums/threads are not the place to ask questions directed toward customer support.

DON’T share specific exam questions and answers

Please do not share specific exam questions and answers within the discussions. You may share the subject of the questions, but nothing specific from the certification exams themselves.

DO use descriptive words and subject lines.

Choose your words wisely by using spell check, grammar check and formal English. The use of all capital letters or exclamation points often comes across as yelling.

DON’T be shy!

This is your community to interact with fellow instructors. Ask questions and express yourself!