CIN - Achivements

Michael Schmitz

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Aug 9, 2021
Just look throught Achivements Section, and i believe some Achivements could use a Link for Helo or a better Explanation..

I struggle with this one:

Settling In: User has Cover Photo:
I uploaded one, but it will not be recognised..

Account Complete:

This is something with the About Section ( under Account Details)

I filled everything out (why is Facebook, Skype a requirement?, so there is a "nothing to read here" In-line)

But it is not activated.

Forum Watcher:

how to recieve this one? Have you to read all postings in all Sub Forums?
Or how will you get that one?

Media Uploader?
Just load any Picture up in the Media Tab?
Or Ressources? Also upload just anything?
Does anyone have an Idea?


Sorry, this should be moved probably to CIN - Open Forums.
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