CompTIA announces AI product roadmap expansion covering six domains

Hey All:

Does anyone have more information on this announcement for AI training.

Through the new Essentials and Expansions Series, CompTIA will address the need for AI skills competencies in four existing job clusters: software development, cybersecurity, systems operations (SysOps) and data analytics; and two emerging job roles, prompt engineering and AI systems architects.

CompTIA Essentials
AI Essentials
Any occupation​
CompTIA Expansions
Sec AI+
Security Engineers​
PenTest AI+
Penetration Testers​
Security Analysts​
Data AI+
Data Analysts​
AI SysOp+
Systems Operations​
AI Scripting+
Tech Support, Network Operations​
AI Architect+
AI Systems Architects​
AI Prompt+
Prompt Engineers​

Stephen Schneiter

Staff member
  • Nov 26, 2018
    Knoxville, TN
    Ai Essentials sound good any TTT?
    When they turn into certs, there will be a TTT. :D Don't forget our AI talk this Wednesday with The Pulse!