CompTIA Cloud+ Labs Needed

Well, around here, the obvious solution is CertMaster Labs for Cloud+ although those are about $179 USD. There are other textbooks out there that would have exercise within. I don't have much in the line of free resources, but you might have a look at Cybrary, or maybe resources available through other various providers.

And of course, there is the current Train the Trainer sessions for Cloud+ that are happening now., which might be able to provide you with some insight to build labs suitable for your environment.

One thought is to bring into your Cloud+ course free materials provided by the major cloud services providers (AWS, Microsoft, Google). A resource I've enjoyed is the Microsoft 2-day virtual training that is free and includes a free exam voucher for its AZ-900 Fundamentals certification. Click on the link below to view the registration site as an example of this training.
If your organization can qualify, sign up for the free education level resources at the major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCloud) and your students can get free accounts and credits without needing a CC. Then you can create your own labs and expose your students to the various major providers.

That's always a trick with many career colleges and technical schools, even ones that are accredited EDUs, because the are also private and for-profit, so they are treated with prejudice in the education world (a topic for which I have a separate soap box). If you're a public school (or as I call it, government for-profit) or a non/not-for profit, you can get the nice freebees.