Corrections for CAS-004 content before using the content in CAS-005 / SecurityX

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Sep 12, 2023
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My compliments to the CAS-004 developers! I have taught CAS-004 several times, and found almost no errors in the student manuals.

Is anyone here working on developing the new CAS-005 / SecurityX materials?

@Stephen Schneiter does the development team want instructors to report inaccurate content? Does the team have a list of known errors so we can see what has already been reported?

Suggested CAS-004 content corrections before reusing the content in CAS-005 / SecurityX:

Page 117 “DSTS”

Suggested correction:
change to “HSTS”
HSTS is an initialism for “HTTP Strict Transport Security.”

Page 121 “Jack the Ripper”
Suggested correction:
change to “John the Ripper”
John the Ripper is a password cracking tool. Jack the Ripper was a serial killer.

Page 297 “director traversal”
Suggested correction:
change to “directory traversal”
In directory traversal, an attacker manipulates file paths.

Module 9, PowerPoint slide 16: “Block Ciphers”
Suggested correction: change to “Modes of Operation”
Explanation: A block cipher is a type of encryption algorithm. Block ciphers can have different modes of
operation. This slide covers modes of operation. As the slide notes point out, modes of operation are
techniques paired with symmetric encryption, they are not encryption algorithms.


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