CySA+ TTT voucher

Hello everyone,

When is the voucher expected to arrive?

Because @Stephen Schneiter didn't mention anything about the voucher's arrival during the sessions currently DataSys+.

The expected date for the voucher to arrive, and it has been a month since the end of CySA+ TTT series. I thought it was faster than before.
The last information we had on this was on the 16th, with the order on delay. Not sure where that is internally, but there are a few points where it can get hung up, from vetting the voucher validity for attendees, purchasing or procurement, or something along the chain.

Hang in there. It'll happen.

Yes, there was a delay with the voucher order. I am trying to get it sorted now. So much for being faster this time. 🙄
Pretty sure it's just as frustrating for you too, Stephen. We know you'll get it sorted as quickly as you can.