How does one go about teaching the CompTIA CTT+ ?

Well, theoretically, one can teach whatever wants to teach. There isn't anything that I know, specifically, from CompTIA that says, "In order to teach CTT+, you have to do this-or-that". Theoretically, you can sit in your backyard with a frosty beverage and teach whatever you want to teach. No one can necessarily stop you, per se.

But what you need to consider is that of reputation. The cold-water question is, "Why would anyone want to take your CTT+ course?". So that's where you start:

1) First, you'll want to consider, if you haven't, getting the CTT+ for yourself, if you're going to do the instruction. It doesn't make sense to teach something you, yourself don't have.

2) Are you, yourself, or employed with a CompTIA Partner? Because if you are a DELIVERY PARTNER, you'll need to have the CTT for yourself or your instructors. If you're an ACADEMIC PARTNER, you won't need one, specifically, unless your institution stipulates that requirement.

3) Do you have the resources to teach, curriculum, facility, and of course, students who want to learn from you? Are you going to deliver content on the ground? Through an online medium? Using courseware (like Udemy)?

4) And finally, the biggest reason of all - is there a definitive need to teach CTT+ where you are? Do you have a steady stream of candidates who are wanting to learn? Or are you teaching just because you want to teach CTT+?

I don't mean anything negative by my questions, but in any kind of undertaking, one must ask the inconvenient or uncomfortable questions -

I think, then, you'll get to those "certain requirements" that you need to meet if you want to teach.


Hello, are you qualified to teach CompTia A+ and or Network+? If yes, would you like to here what we are offering as a remote position?

Hey Brian, I can teach A+ and or Network+!!!!! I would like to hear what you are offering for this remote position. My email: [email protected]