New Linux+


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Jan 19, 2022
Baltimore MD

Any updates on the release date for the new Linux+ book, exam, and CertMaster labs? We're trying to assess if we will use the new materials (book) in the fall semester. Also, we're evaluating the CertMaster labs for students taking our Intro and Advanced Linux courses (with 10-15 sections each semester). I was asked to provide an update as the book store wants to know what's happening this fall. @Stephen Schneiter


John McConnell
Stephen will have exact dates I'm sure, but you should be good for use in the Fall. We'll be holding the Linux+ TTT this summer and they are usually in and around exam launch dates. The CompTIA teams have been doing a great job of having all the materials ready to go around the launch date as well. So while I don't have (remember) the exact exam launch date, it is soonish. :)