Question of the Week #18 - How does the new A+ labs compare to our existing labs products? - ANSWER

Rich Pernai

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  • Oct 4, 2021
    Happy Friday Everyone! We are back with another Answer for Question of the Week! Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's post about the NEW A+ Labs. As a reminder, I will put this Monday’s question below:

    Question: How does the new A+ labs compare to our existing labs products?

    CompTIA is committed to increasing competency through innovation, so we are constantly looking for new and engaging approaches to engross learners, maintain attention and retain knowledge through hands-on application.

    Our new A+ course has expanded the number of labs offered and introduced new ways to practice job skills:

    Virtual Workbench labs – offer an immersive 3D environment where learners can experience the practical hands-on application of PC Tech job tasks.​
    Virtual network simulator – offers a visual learning experience where learners can build, configure and manage network components all in a visually stimulating environment.​
    Enhanced VM labs – offer enriched scenarios and tasks designed to immerse the learner in real-world PC technician job responsibilities.​
    Assessment-based activities – labs include scored activities to provide immediate feedback for the learner to grow competency.
    If you are wanting a sample of the new A+ labs reach out to your CompTIA representative today!