Resource: - MSFT Licensing Made a Fair Bit Easier

Hey CIN'ers:

So, I was on the horn with Dell today to discuss options and ideas on how to license MSFT products. If you're like me, trying to make sense of MSFT licensing can be a real pain in the butt. So much to the fact that maybe MSFT should make a certification, just for that.

Well, today, a nice gal by the name of Emili shared this site with me:

So basically, there are cross sectional visuals that show what products go with what offering, A1, A3, A5 for academics, E3/E5 for business enterprise.

I poured all over MSFT looking for sites that would make life easier. Well, I feel a lot better trying to understand what packages go where.

Hope this is helpful to you all if you are presented with the licensing you need to get.

Rick, Good Day, Sir. Is there any information on the Linux + TTT? Have I missed it?
No you haven't. The dates for the Linux+ TTT haven't been set yet, so we're all waiting for that announcement. Hope to know something about that real soon.