Setup GNS3 + Docker images enviroment to Pentest+ and CASP+ LABs


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Jan 18, 2022
Hi Guys I would like your help and support to setup a Lab enviroment for treining Pentest+ and CASP in GNS3
Please Instrutor @Lee McWhorter or others collegue if could provide a step by step guide I'll thanks
also Instrutor Lee McWhorter provided some free resources in casp cin ttt serie but not clear for me the instalation steps. (sorry my bad English)

my status now:

Account built in hub docker platform
Virtualbox 6.XX and gns3 2.XX installed on host machine Windows 10 Pro (running perfectly)

so what is next?
I need download all free resources from Instrutor Lee McWhorter Docker hub
Import them to gns3 and setup them
practice them

thanks advanced hope for your feedback

In case you see it here first, here is answer I sent you via LinkedIn...

Hello, sorry for delayed reply. You will likely need additional resources for your Linux+ provide what I provided, if nothing else the Instructor Guide or such. As to setting up an lab, I don't have time unfortunately to create such a step by step guide, but you can definitely use my resources as the starter to build from. You can use the individual docker images to build your own lab, or use one of my starter gns3 projects as the base and adapt from there. Hope this finds you well. Lee