Stanford Code In Place is open again this year!


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Jan 24, 2023
Here is an example of a Shareable Project

Here is the link to sign up (as a student or a volunteer instructor / Section Leader):

The course language is Python. The audience is global. The course is free.

As a student, if you're selected, your project will be hosted on a Stanford server:

As a Section Leader, if you're selected, you'll get a badge like this!
Section Leader Code In Place Badge

If anyone has any questions, let me know! I'll monitor this thread and answer what I can!
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Oh, I know. I like to think for all my years, I've been a life long learner. But until they can jack me with knowledge like The Matrix, it may be some time...

@Rick Butler, I applied to be a volunteer section leader again. I was a section leader in the 2021 program. We had a very good group with average of 4.7 out of 5 ratings. (I wish we had digital badging back then. However, we received a PDF section leader participation certificate via email). In the section leader application, the section leader applicant may enter two student emails for referral to be added to the applicant's assigned section. I would be honored to submit your email and to have you as member of my section.

The Code in Place (CiP) learning platform is very easy to use and very well organized. As an instructor, I am thankful and in awe of the Stanford Engineering college's staff, researchers, and graduate students. They really do make it very easy and fun to learn programming.
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