The new network+ n10-009


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Jun 4, 2020
Regards to the outline, the cabling concepts and tools are taken out from the latest N10- 009.

It is added in core 1 A+.

The old outline alot of people taking up bcos this cabling concepts, color code and tools used in network+. We do the hands on practical in class.

For network engineers whom starting career in networking they come straight to Comptia Network+ and will ask how to do crimping and use the network tester? They won't go to Comptia A+.

Cabling concepts and tools are very important subject in Network+. We will loose out students going for other certification which teach all this in class.
My +point in network+ is teach them how to do straight thru cable and cross cable . How to use punch down tools to put cable in. How to use fiber tester.

Pls advise what to answer them?
I guess the advice you can give them is to attend both A+ and Network+

A+ will give them the fundamentals on cabling, computer infrastructure and operating systems.
Network+ will help them learn how to build and maintain a wired/wireless network.

They will still need to know about straight through and cross over cables in Network+.
They just don't do the crimping at this stage, co'z many cables in the market are already pre-terminated.