Brian Callahan

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  • Feb 4, 2022
    Troy, NY
    I am not opposed to this. I have a lot of questions as to how it might be implemented and how the expansions integrate with existing certs (e.g., Do I need additional CEUs if I have the cert+expansion? Why no CASP AI+?). But I would definitely be interested in helping out with and taking every single one of those certifications.
    CompTIA has to be very careful about diluting its brand. Everyone in the known universe knows about the A+/Network+/Security+ trifecta because they
    have been around for so long. CASP+ is rebranding as SecurityX and ITF+ is rebranding as Tech+.

    I understand that CompTIA certifications are always evolving to match an ever-changing marketplace, but I don't see the value in some of the newer offerings.


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    Jun 26, 2023
    Flagler Beach, FL
    Looks like everybody is drinking the AI Kool-Aid these days. That includes our friends right here, at
    In my experience these 'Essentials' courses are great technical introductions to a technology. I completed the cloud essentials and was greatly impressed how it included topics relevant to multiple cloud providers and highlighted connections to existing network and security technologies. Having taught at the college level these 'survey' types of courses are valuable as they introduce material to students to help them determine an avenue of study without signing up for a 101 course (and sitting with other students who already selected that as their major or minor and are more engaged).