CySA+ TTT Series

Stephen Schneiter

Staff member
  • Nov 26, 2018
    Knoxville, TN
    Hi Stephen,

    Doing a quick follow up here on the exam voucher for the CYSA+, did everyone receive theirs? I haven't got any notification as yet.
    Do let me know if there is still a delay.


    Hi Dervon, I will check on yours. Depending on the region, vouchers are approved by the CompTIA regional Business Development Manager. Let me check into it and I will drop you a note.
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    I add the link to the on-demand sessions to the Resources! :)
    Appreciate that! Thanks Lee!

    Great series. I do have the first version of this exam and want to take the new version. Excellent content, but the lecture needs to be a bit more lively. All-in-all, great stuff. Thank you.

    It was lively, to be certain. A couple of the sessions, I was in a comms closet, working while listening to Teresa Nash go through her presentation. Worth it!