I have just received DataSys+ DS0-001 exam voucher

Patrick Asamago

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Oct 2, 2021
I am first generation of TTT. I understand that nowadays there are many people joining TTT and the number of vouchers is limited. (Previously there were only a small number of participants so everyone received a voucher)

As a result, Many people have not received the voucher even though they have completed all the conditions. and there is a request from who not reciecved voucher on the webboard

Therefore, I think the conditions should be clearly specified as to the number of vouchers that can be distributed. and includes a ranking of people who will receive it.
I agree with you @Akkarach, especially the last sentence.
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Apr 12, 2022
Fort Collins, Colorado

Maybe the distributions has had issues. You can try to DM with Mr. Stephen, he shall help you to check. With me a lot of recent TTTs has had issues so I must contact Mr. Stephen to get the help. As DataSys+, I have also not received the code yet to now.
I DMed and e-mailed Stephen. No reply.
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