Identifying Pre-Requisite Knowledge Requirements

As I was reading through the Cloud+ 003 textbook, I saw this little statement:

IP address allocation via DHCP is assumed knowledge for CompTIA Cloud+. Please review the process if you are not familiar with it. A very brief review is provided below.

Now, we all know that certain certifications represent pre-requisite knowledge that a person has to have when attaining higher certs; that's why the suggested core path is A+, Net+, Sec+, etc. Each cert builds skills into the next. Now, we also know that there is a fair bit of overlap as well - with some topics discussed in many different certs.

But, when I saw the above statement, I nodded in approval, because this is something I had wished we'd see more of in CompTIA materials - indicators that I may have to step outside the certs objective list to understand something in order to buttress up a topic - that points to another cert's body of knowledge, or something like that. To me, this makes learning more efficient because it helps with those age-old statements like, "yes, for the security+, you need to have a mastery of ports and protocols - which is germane to the network+"

I would even go so far as to make this its own category - "Stuff You Should Already Know" or "Assumed Knowledge".

Perhaps this is assumed when you review CompTIA's certifications roadmap. But little sign posts along the way, to me, are extremely helpful.

That was something to which I tried to adhere during my TTT - that I wasn't going to 'reteach' the A+ during Server+, so I could spend more time focused on Server+ specific topics. It's also something that I've noted in many classrooms - reteaching things, either as a course filler or worse, because for some reason, students end up sitting the class without the needed skills to understand all the topics.