Successful content delivery systems


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Jul 7, 2020
Which content delivery systems have your students had A+ certification success with?

Just started at an organization that has TestOut, CertMaster (not sure which one) & the Mike Meyers book. I'm thinking about trying to get them to supplement with MeasureUp, or Ucertify, or Cisco's IT Fundamentals, or either Cengage's MindTap for CompTIA A+ Guide to IT Technical Support, 10th Edition, or just the book as a standalone PDF. The students are economically disadvantaged, including homeless youths up to about age 24 who have recently received a high school or an equivalency diploma. The goal is for them to be A+ certified within 22 months, possibly receiving an intermediate cert like CompTia's ITF or a Microsoft MTA cert as prep for the A+ if it will help them attain the A+.

Do you use any of these resources, or have your students had success with something else?