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So this is very reminiscent of the big certifications map that CompTIA puts out from time to time. It lists the major certs by difficulty category, but it also ties them to a role pathway, answering that questions, "if I want to be a data scientist, what certs would be advantageous to me?". It looks like this site uses that approach as a means to efficiently focusing learning efforts along a defined pathway, rather than the "spray and pray" approach.

I can see this site as something of value to folks that need that kind of guidance. In a world where mentor/protege style relationships (which to me are the BEST way to accomplish this), sites like this can help clear up the confusion.

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  • Feb 17, 2020
    Thoughts on this site:
    The reviews re: "preparation journey" looks like blogs by some people sharing their experiences on attaining certain certifications.
    The details about the certifications are merely lifted from the official websites of the respective certification bodies.
    As for CompTIA related certs, there's only A+ in there. See

    As for career journey, I prefer CompTIA's certification roadmap more.

    On the other hand, their marketplace only contains few training options. I'd prefer, Udemy or other known learning platforms.

    *I didn't check their "free" practice exams. I hope they aren't exam dumps.