What's happening with CTT+


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  • Feb 17, 2020
    so, that means the certification roadmap will now change, to only have
    • infosec
    • net & cloud
    • ITSM and
    • Data & Dev
    no more pathway to IT Trainers, under CompTIA, that is.
    I wonder what will be its effect. what is the message that it will send to the community.
    ... (hopefully, not) that IT trainers are not part of the "computer trade industry"?

    I feel bad for speaking ill about the CTT+ knowing that it will be gone soon...
    it is a good cert. just lacked value.
    i was hoping that it will be improved, not get sacked. 😅

    They could have just required that all trainers who are providing training in comptia partners need to be CTT+, then in exchange, the CTT+ certified trainers will gain access to free CompTIA Learn. This could have give CTT+ a boost in terms of the "added value" that it was lacking... but oh well.

    Down the drain it is.