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Hey Ivan, are you an A+ instructor? Can you instruct via online? If yes, this could be a really good opportunity. The right instructor needs to be patient as well as charismatic. This opportunity will lead (the right person) to a permanent place in our organization. In addition, this is H1B visa proof! Let me know what you think.
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Ivan Jude Busgano
Ivan Jude Busgano
Hi Brian. Yes, I can teach A+ online. However, My schedule is quite packed right now. Thank you.
Hey Brian. Have you found an A+ Instructor yet?
Rick are you with Intellitec College in Colorado Springs? If so, we have you in our mailing list (inactive)
Rick Butler
Rick Butler
Interesting - yep, I'm at IntelliTec. I ran the computer tech program for about four years before moving over to be the Director of IT. How long ago was it since we did business?
Currently teaching A+ and Network+ courses at a tech college. Also teaching Windows Server classes at a local 2-year college.

About me: ~20 years in industry, various postings from desk-side support to management, run own IT business.
Experienced teacher and tutor with liberal arts-based education.
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Anyone having issues with building the CySA+ course? We are looking at making it based on one PC instead of multiple physical machines. Either virtualise it via Hyper-V or VirtualBox.
Currently preparing for the new 2020 Diploma in Hardware Servicing course. All new content to align with Cengage's newest tenth edition A+ Guide to Technical Support. Looking forward to another successful year
sir, when can we expect Cloud Essentials exam vouchers that supposed to be leased in this week. ????
I am the Colorado Statewide CTE teacher for Goal Academy High school, a blended online high school.