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CompTIA N10-008 book is not downloading ?

I bought CompTIA A+ 220-1101 and CompTIA N10-008 books, but unfortunately I am not able to download the N10-008 book's PDF.
I tried with many downloaders and also browser's default downloader, but still it is not downloading, so can you please give me some instruction about this issue please

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Docker container training

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know of any step-by-step labs or website training that teaches
what needs to be done to log into, start, and use a Docker container on a Linux

It is easy to find explanations of how Docker works but so far I'm unable to
get any real training on doing it start to finish.

Thank you,
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Job Opening Baltimore MD Reginald F. Lewis Museum Downtown Baltimore

Focus on Communities Untied for Success, (FOCUS) a Baltimore-based. non-profit workforce development organization is seeking several "A+" instructors for our upcoming cohort of 100 student learners. If you are interested please inbox me your resume and salary requirements. www.focusorg.org

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How to get certificate of completion for Deep Dive Linux +

Hello everyone,

I have just finished all of the videos with Jason Eckert. What a great job.
How do I get a certificate of completion for each one of those as my
company requires them in order for me to get credit.

Thank you,

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Certmaster learn and Labs User account management

I hope someone can help me with a few questions: (Yes, I've already watched the how-to videos)

  1. If a student was in a previous Cloud+ class last semester, can I just assign their account to a new contract for Server+ class for this semester?
  2. I am the institution admin for the contracts, and also an instructor. Last semester our students purchased access from the academic marketplace they enrolled themselves (we had no seat licenses). I could manage and see their progress in the Boost dashboard everything was dandy. This semester we have a new instructor and have seat licenses available but only enough for one of their classes. I'm assuming the best way would be to make a group for the class with seat licenses and just upload the csv, the instructor would see the group in their Boost dashboard and easy-peasy. Correct?
  3. The other late start class will have to purchase their own access from the academic marketplace. Any ideas on what would be the most efficient and best way for me as an admin to manage their accounts? (The new instructor is not well-versed in the platform.)
Thank you!

P.S Congrats on TestOut! Now I don't have to choose!

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Linux + Deep Dive TTT Sessions

I have played the first two sessions for the Linux + Deep Dive training. Do we have to
watch all of them to get credit for it? I don't see any clickable icon to get the "Certificate
of Completion" in the session even at the end of it.

Also, I guess there is no video of who ever is speaking but just audio?
Happy New Year everyone.

Thank you,

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Hypothetical question re: beta vs. soon-retiring exams

Let's say someone takes a beta exam in January. They then take the soon-to-be retired version of the same exam in March before they even get the result of the beta in May. What are the possible scenarios? Does anyone know for sure?

(It's not entirely hypothetical. Someone on reddit said they're about to do just that w/ CySA+.)

My guesses...
Fail beta in Jan but pass retiring version in Mar? Certified as of Mar.
Pass beta in Jan but fail retiring version in Mar? Certified as of Jan.
Pass beta in Jan and pass retiring version in Mar? Certified as of Jan (and maybe renewed as of Mar date?)

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I still waiting for my Linux+, DATA+, Project+ Vouchers

Hi Guys!

Any problem with CompTIA?
Previously these vouchers were distributed 2 or 3 weeks after the CIN TTT series. Lately things have changed a lot. Is there anything we don't know?
Please I would like to have an explanation on the subject

I wanted to close this year on a big note