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TCP/80 vs TCP/143

I was going through practice questions with my students yesterday and we were given the question, "An HTTPS application is secured using the SSL/TLS protocol but should use a different port for unencrypted HTTP. Which port should unencrypted HTTP use"?

We all agreed the answer was TCP/80, but that was incorrect, with the correct answer being TCP/143. I wanted to reach out the community of other instructors here so I could get a better understanding of why the answer was 143 and not 80, not just for myself but for my students as well. From reading the CompTIA A+ book, TCP/143 is HTTP associated with IMAP and reading mail messages on a server mailbox, where TCP/80 is your standard HTTP for unsecure websites. Thanks in advance for any input and clarification as to why the answer to this question is TCP/143 and not TCP/80.


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Course Length Network+

I was asked a question, why does the Network + course have to be a week long course?

How long do take to train the Network + course? a week, two weeks?

What would your answer be when posed this question? why a week or longer? and would i show them my detailed plan for the training?

Theres another question in there, how do you plan for the week or forever long you train your course?

I always want to improve so some insight will be appreciated.

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Can I use Prof.Mark Ciampa videos presented during CIN SY0-501 TTT series in my Security+ class?


I have a question. I am teaching Security+ SY0-601. I am using Prof. Mark Ciampa's textbook. I have his videos presented during the CIN SY0-501 TTT series several years ago. Unfortunately the On24 links for that series do not work any more. I found some of his videos still relevant to the current exam and go along with his textbook. I think they will be beneficial to my students, because we are using his book. Can I use his videos in my class? Of course I will give a full credit to his work and CIN. If it is ok to use these videos, I will edit them so that they are short and to the point (I will get rid of chat question for example).


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Seeking Job Seeker Advice

Fellow CINers,

I'm working on a project as part of the NICE Modernizing Talent Management working group. We're developing guidance for entry level job seekers in the cyber security field. I'm seeking your thoughts and advice based on what you tell your students.

#1) How do you define and describe the term ‘entry-level’ for technical, non-technical, and transitional military cybersecurity roles, regardless of age (consider career pivots)?

#2) If your student can put in the work and attain a Security+ or a Network+ (entry level) certification; how does that relate or 'count' as experience?

#3) Thinking about your most successful (in terms of employment) entry level certification student; what made them successful?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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Updated retirement date????

I just saw on the CompTIA subreddit that Professor Messer said that the 1001/1002 retirement has been pushed back to October 20th instead of it being August 31st like the 1101/1102 said. Is that true? Not that I don't trust Professor Messer, but just want to make sure. Thanks so much!

Found it here:
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Question of the Week #8

Happy Monday everyone! Who's ready for our 8TH Questions of the Week? Here it is:

In CertMaster Learn, the ‘Impersonating’ button/feature is located on a student's profile in the Admin Dashboard and in the Boost Dashboard? When would an Instructor use this feature?