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A+ Classroom Length

From your experience what is a good timeframe/schedule to teach the A+ Core 1 & 2 Objectives. Do you separate 1 & 2 into different classes? How long do you give for each? 4 weeks? How many hours per day?

We will soon be teaching these courses at a Junior college and want to also build them into credit courses where they would get an Associates degree and leave with an A+ cert if desired. I visualize Core 1 being a 3 credit course and 2 being another. I think the traditional 16 weeks of most college courses is too long and students are likely to forget something from almost 4 months prior. What types of schedules do you use?

Does anyone currently do something like this? Any insight is most appreciated.



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Free/opensource A+ or A+ like textbooks or materials

I am teaching CYBER JROTC Year 1 curriculum focused on the A+. The curriculum just consists of PPT and no other associated material. Would anyone know of a free or opensource book or that would be easily printable i could get ahold of. I want to provide another form of learning for my cadets without breaking the bank. Thanks.

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Please please, where to find a Coupon/Discount for the Official CompTIA Security+ Instructor Guide and all what is included?

Dear CIN,.
Please please,
Do we have here a Coupon/Discount for the Official CompTIA Security+ Instructor Guide and all goodies included in it?
Any even 5% coupon discount would be awesome to have and will be very appreciated.

thanking you all

Kind regards,

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Solid XK0-005 book?

Good day everyone!

I'm anxiously looking for a solid, good book to prepare my students for XK0-005.

The previous three years, I taught XK0-004 using my own curriculum and adding to it with Bresnahan and Blum's book from Sybex / Wiley.

We've pre-ordered the 005 version of the same book, but I also bought the ebook version. The print version isn't out yet and I need something to prep my classes with, right?

Well, reading through the B&H 005 book from Sybex, I'm really not impressed. The 004 version was halfway decent, but the 005 version seems like a lazy update.

* The book left in a few topics which were removed from 004 -> 005.
* The book does not go deep enough by far into topics like Docker, Podman, Kubernetes, Terraform et al. Ditto for PKI and so on.

I've already taken and passed the 005 exam and I know how thoroughly some of those topics were covered. The book does not do it justice at all. For example, the only two mentions of "podman" are literally from output of the "docker" command, aliased as "podman".

So. Bottom line: who can recommend me a better book for XK0-005? Preferably one that'll come out soon, so we can cancel this pre-order and switch in time.

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Balancing a work CompTIA account and personal account

Good evening!

I was wondering how does one go about managing multiple CompTIA accounts? For example, I have my personal account that I received my certifications under. I have my work account for access to CIN, store benefits for purchasing resources for students, etc. I may receive benefits under my work account that should, in theory, transfer to my personal account. I have training credits from attending prior TTT webinars that should apply to my personal account for recertification but I attended the events under my work account. I reached out to someone in charge of TTT on 8/17 to see if I could get some answers but I haven't heard anything. I'm sure I'm not alone in this so I wanted to ask the community for your thoughts?

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CertMaster Lab stuck in a "Running" state, what to do?

My CEUs are due tonight by 1:59 AM EST. I have completed 99% of the Certmaster Learn and labs to gain my last needed 25 CEUs. However, one lab is stuck in a "Running" state and will not award my last 30 knowledge points to get the completed certificate needed. Anyone have any advice? Other than, "Well, you had 3 years to complete this..." LOL


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How often does incoherent proctoring via OnVue occur?

G'day all.

I've been hearing reports of incoherent and unpredictable proctoring by OnVue employees for a few years now. Never to such a degree that I thought it was happening in huge amounts of cases, but one could reason that anything over 0.5% of the exams is already egregious.

The latest thread on Reddit is getting raucous responses -> Login to view embedded media
Proctors are often perceived as overly strict, focusing on making students "fail", giving students contradicting instructions of even (intentionally) giving instructions that would normally break rules.

This matter is something that has a lot of students worried for their exams and they actively blame CompTIA for it, all the more so because CompTIA and PearsonVue will point fingers at each other when the affected student tries to dispute the aborted exam.

I'd love to hear from CompTIA how they handle quality control with PearsonVue.

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Do CIN get access to Certmaster labs?

Do CIN members automatically get access to Cert master labs or receive a voucher for them? I am looking to get more familiar with AWS and Azure cloud services and looking for any and all resources to help me. Mainly labs which will allow me to get some real hands on experience.

Also, I am currently going through the Cloud+ CV0-003 TTT videos now but do we have any idea on the next time it will be offered?

Appreciate all the advice and help!
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Mistake in Proof of Participation (Session 1 & Session 2) of Linux+ TTT (XK0-005)

Hi Mr. @Stephen Schneiter,
I have seen the mistake in Proof of Participations of Linux+ TTT (XK0-005) as the pictures. Please help check to about this.


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CompTIA Learning Resources for Security+ and CySA+

Having taught both Security+ and CySA+ courses fairly recently utilizing the CompTIA student guides and labs for both courses, I'm finding that for CySA+ the student guide provides detailed content for the CompTIA labs but the same is not true for the Security+ learning resources. I see real value, particularly for online courses where the instructor is not available during lab times, for the CySA+ content model.