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Spanish Speaking Instructor and Spanish Learning Materials

Hi Everyone,

I think I know the answer to my second question, but just in case I am making incorrect assumptions, let me go ahead and ask: Are the CompTIA Security + Course Materials available in Spanish?

As for the first question, is there any Instructor on the Forum whose first language is Spanish? Trying to solve a challenge for a client in Equador.

Thanks Everyone!

Happy Friday.

Jim Goughenour

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When Can we Purchase Learn, Labs & Practice for the CompTIA Network+N10-009

Good morning,

I'm curious: on what day can we purchase CertMaster Learn, Labs & Practice before the launch date for Network+ N10-009?

Also, do we know the date for the TTT for the N10-009?

Thank you, and have a great week!

Tracey :cool:

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Boot Camps

Hi Everyone....I am being asked about a "boot camp" style delivery (5 days) with a test on the last day of class (Friday). It generates a couple of questions for me:

1. Does anyone have any experience with this type of delivery, and if so, what do you do differently than say a normal delivery?
2. Does anyone know the process of becoming a proctor for Pearson Vue to actually administer an exam event?
3. What is the success rate of your students on the first exam attempt?
4. Do the hours of classroom delivery change from a normal 8 hour day to longer, and if so, how much longer?

Thanks in advance everyone.

Jim Goughenour

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How to update my email address?

Hi everyone,

I was accepted into the CompTIA Instructor Network sometime last year, and I'm probably going to jump to a new company, since my current company is running out of funding they received to train retired military. When I went to my profile, I see I can change some things, but not my email. I'd like to change to my personal email so that no matter what company where I work, I can always work with CIN and access things, ie. sign up for trainings, etc. I haven't been successful trying to figure out how to do this, so I thought I'd reach out here in the open forums to see if anyone was successful doing this. If so, how were you able to change your email address?

Thanks! DRoss

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To validate that I am an official CompTIA instructor, do I need to have the CTT+ or is there another new related certification?

I have probably asked this question many times. I am asking this question because the CTT+ certification is no longer available. And I would like to deliver official CompTIA courses officially with the CompTIA partner network. To deliver the classes, do I need this CTT+ Credential? @Stephen Schneiter Thanls a lot

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The new network+ n10-009

Regards to the outline, the cabling concepts and tools are taken out from the latest N10- 009.

It is added in core 1 A+.

The old outline alot of people taking up bcos this cabling concepts, color code and tools used in network+. We do the hands on practical in class.

For network engineers whom starting career in networking they come straight to Comptia Network+ and will ask how to do crimping and use the network tester? They won't go to Comptia A+.

Cabling concepts and tools are very important subject in Network+. We will loose out students going for other certification which teach all this in class.
My +point in network+ is teach them how to do straight thru cable and cross cable . How to use punch down tools to put cable in. How to use fiber tester.

Pls advise what to answer them?

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Delay/Lag on Linux VMs

G'day All,

Wondering if anyone else experiences a lag on labs that use Linux VM's and if there was a fix.
I've noted this myself and several of my learners pointed out the same issue to me on my last course as it caused them a bit of frustration. The Windows VMs are fine but in the Linux VMs the mouse movement lags just enough to make things annoying. Not sure where the machines are hosted. -We are logging in from Australia which might be the issue (But why not for the windows machines?). Note that internet connections, speed, quality are all fine and tested from different locations with different networks. It's consistent and with the Linux VM's. Also I noted this on Sec+ labs and Network+ labs.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Just Starting Out, Looking for Guidance

Good morning all, I'm looking to start a CompTIA training cell with my company and I'm just looking for some general guidance. I taught A+, Network+, and Security+ while I was on active duty in the Marine Corps for about 3 years. I've since transitioned to civilian life and I see the opportunity to expand the company I work for into the CompTIA training sector in our region. I have attended various formalized instructor trainings through the military but I'd still like to attend a TTT if possible. Also, I've contacted CompTIA about becoming a delivery partner, I hope that works out too!

Is there anything you guys would recommend that someone just starting out should do? I have the classroom experience teaching and the certifications and education. I've never done any kind of sales or business development though.



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SINCE THE A+ 2001 CORE1 SCSI HAS BE IN THE IN THE Curriculum and the 220-1101 while it has appeared both the 2001 and 220-1101 as some who also goes out to clients to sort their Desktop PCS I am yet I see one any where in the field once SATA came I am yet a physical with SCSI,

The last question I got book and the objectives covers IDE 40 pin cable. I think back I have had to work on most PCs with Sata , So I dont recall getting a machine to fix with scsi and IDE 40pin,

Can any share where we have these and don't make use of this ? in my filed work with desktops?

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CompTIA Exam Discount Codes?

In the past Academic Partners were able to receive discount codes for the CompTIA exams. However, now we cannot get the codes. Trying to figure out why. Any attempt to get answers, well.... there are none. In the previous year, requesting the codes only took a day or two. Now, we have been requesting for weeks and still no resolution. We have numerous students waiting to test and without the discount codes, financially, there is no way for them to test otherwise. Any info would be greatly appreciated.