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Changing email address/login...

My company has changed its name, and as a result my email address has changed. When I attempt to edit my email address by clicking the "Change" button under "Account Details", I get a message that says changes were saved, but am offered no opportunity to actually edit the address. I am somewhat concerned that I will no longer receive notifications surrounding TTT sessions or other correspondence once my company mothballs the old email domain.

I have attempted to ask a number of the different Sysadmins on here, to no avail. Hoping posting here will make it more likely my request will be seen by the right person.

Thanks in advance!

Also still anxiously awaiting my DataSys+ voucher, but that's a different conversation!
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Switching student access to CompTIA Learn, Labs, etc

Hello Cinners,

Hope you're having a good monring. I have a few students that our Academy have purchsed CompTIA Learn, Labs and Practice for. The subscription is for one year, but the students will not be using them for an entire year.

Can I transfer that license to another student?

With Appcreication,


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Master Level Certifications and Training

Good Afternoon Cinners!

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend and are ready for a productive week. A colleague asked if CompTIA is moving toward Master level certifications. He advised that a colleague of his shared this information.

Is there any truth to this?

Lastly, where can I access documentation on the Security+ 701 outline and the CYSA+ CSO-003


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Looking for Remote CompTIA Instructors (A+Core 1 & 2, Network + and Security +)

Are you a tech-savvy individual with a passion for teaching and sharing your knowledge? We have an incredible opportunity waiting for you!

Position: Live Online Tech Training Instructor Start Date: January 2024

At Transfromation Lead, we are gearing up to launch a dynamic range of tech training programs, and we're on the lookout for dedicated instructors to lead live online sessions. If you have expertise in areas like A+, Network+, Security+, or other tech-related certifications, we want to hear from you!

What We're Looking For:

  • Strong tech skills and up-to-date industry knowledge
  • Ability to deliver engaging and interactive live online training sessions
  • Passion for guiding students to success
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
Why Join Us:

  • Collaborate with a dynamic and innovative team
  • Empower students to excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape
  • Competitive compensation and flexible scheduling
  • Make a meaningful impact on the future of tech professionals
If you're ready to embark on this exciting journey with us, we invite you to apply for this instructor position. Help us bridge the skills gap and shape the next generation of tech experts.

📩 To Apply: Send your resume and a brief cover letter outlining your qualifications and tech areas of expertise to [email protected]

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Updated Certmaster Labs for Security+ 701

Question about timing. I know that the new 701 test will be available on November 7th and that the 601 exam will be retired on 7/31/24. Our current cybersecurity course uses the 601 book and the CertMaster Labs for Security+. I am trying to determine if we need to make the change to the 701 content for the spring semester or if the 601 book and 601 related CertMaster Labs for Security+ will continue to be available through early 2024?

When will the 701 related CertMaster Labs be available for students?

Just trying to determine if I'm going to be able to have my students use both the 601 book and Certmaster Labs for spring or if we need to move to the 701 book and Certmaster Labs for spring.


John McConnell
Community College of Baltimore County
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CTT+ Part Two Help Needed

I passed Part one of the CTT+ certification exam before the last day ended. I still have until the end of October to submit my recordings for TK-202 and TK-203.

The issue is can anyone provide me a link to download the latest forms? Seems as if all I've been able to find have been the old one for TK-202.

Any help would greatly appreciated.


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TTT Soap Box: Breaking the Ice!

Greetings Fellow Instructors!

In advance of the upcoming Security+ TTT series I wanted to ask the Instructor Community for their ideas, thoughts, and opinions about some of the tools of our instructional trade.

How do you 'break the ice' with the students in your classes?

What do you do as the instructor to tell the students about yourself and your experience?

How do you facilitate helping your students learn about others in the class?

As I teach virtual classes over Zoom and Webex I often use a start of course survey. I briefly introduce myself (please call me Brian; I'm your instructor; this is my email; and I'm in the eastern time zone) and ask then questions such as: their name (sometimes my registrar or Zoom/Webex inserts email addresses in class list); what they like to be called (nickname); where they are from (optional); and where they are in their journey (getting started or testing after last class). This isn't a mandatory survey and I get about a 75% response rate. I reach out to each student who doesn't respond within the first 2-3 days.

What do you do?


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RFP Assistance - Missing a couple of Presentation Planners

Hello! I'm a Program Manager for a training provider and CompTIA Partner and we are submitting a RFP, that of course is due tomorrow. The RFP requests some sample class schedules. We are basing them off the Presentation Planners that are in the Instructor Materials. Problem I can't access the instructor materials for Cloud Essentials+ or Linux+. (Yes I reached out to my Business Development Manager to get that fixed.) But, does anyone have the presentation planners for Cloud Essentials+ and Linux+? I don't need any other materials, only those planners. Thanks so much!

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Performing Network Reconnaisance and Vulnerability Scan Lab

Hello Cinners,

Quick question about the this lab. A student is using a Mac and on question 9 on the third page,
"Switch to the Terminal window and then select Ctrl+C to stop the tcpdump capture" She tries to perform this on her mac and gets continuous C's acrorss the screen.

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advancce.


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Practice questions for an A+ exams 220-1101/1102

Does anyone have a good list of questions to use in a classroom for a A+ 220-1101/1102 practice tests?
I do use the questions at the end of each chapter of the CertMaster Learn, but want to be able to printout and use to see how the students are learning.

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Continuing Education

Does completing the Train the Trainer for the new version of a Certification cover Continuing Education requirements? I have a CISSP but the Comptia continuing education seems much more difficult to understand how to meet requirements. I am a full time IT Professional and I also teach college classes Comptia Security +, Palo Alto EDU 210, and coming soon Cisco Cyber Ops.
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Purchasing Vouchers For Government or Non-Profit Orgs

Hello All I'm not entirely sure if this is really the right platform to ask this question, but I figured most of us on here are Instructors and have a need to purchase vouchers for exams. Working for Government or Non-Profits creates minor headaches when it comes to acquiring products or services for the first time. You need x number of quote (unless sole provider) and must accept tax exemption etc.
That all said, I recently mounted all my CompTIA Certs on my office wall, which has inspired a bunch of my team to pursue certifications of their own. I can assist with tutoring them but I need to look at purchasing the vouchers etc.
Are there specific vendors that cater for vouchers or do they all come direct from CompTIA?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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High School Cybersecurity Students going for Security+

Hi everyone,

I currently teach a full-year (182 school days, 40 minutes per day) class in Cybersecurity at my high school. The students are doing a course for college credit from a university. The course as it exists currently is therefore not aligned with Security+, but we're hoping to have some students who want to go for the certification do so.

There is of course some intersection, my university-level course does cover malware, threat assessment, security policies, I do some linux, etc. but I have concerns for how the students will do. I can have them practice material from CompTIA but I know I'll be very pressed for time if I'm covering the college-credit course essentials and also focusing on Security+.

Does anyone have specific experience along these lines? High schoolers going for Security+ and in a course that doesn't 100% focus on that exam specifically?

Thanks in advance!