Hi Stephen

I’ve been awaiting sense December for the vouchers any chance you can send them on you said back on December 16 you would get them sent over.

I have already ended up purchasing 4 exams vouchers which I did trainer sessions for , would really appreciate a reply on this.

Open for Remote Trainer opportunities!
  • 10+ years of global experience (US, Canada, Europe, Middle East)
  • Certifications: CISA, CISM, CEH, CDPSE, MCP, CCNA, CCSA, OCP, OCE
UPDATE! I emailed Stephen Schneiter and he sent me both voucher codes - A+ Core 1 and A+ Core 2. Thank you Stephen!
This sound encouraging, I had only received one voucher for core 1, 😃
Just Passed Pen Test+ and CASP+ in 3 days

Pen Test+ on 28th December, 2022
CASP+ on 31st December, 2022
Wishing all members of CIN The Merriest Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Years. Happy Holiday's to one and all. Side notes: Send Rick Donuts.
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Rick Butler
Oh no, let's get this right

The 2022 CIN Christmas List


@Trevor Chandler a baker's dozen of donuts - bacon maple for preference
@Stephen Schneiter a lovely bourbon.
@Lee McWhorter a new fancy pool cue.
@Rick Butler copious amounts of coffee - Black Rifle, Death Wish, or some other high octane (pls, no Starbucks)
thanks to you too
Hi Aidy, Good Afternoon!!!, I sent you an email with the detail. Please feel free to call me Thank you. Ravi
EJO CompTIA Instructor Flyer.pngHello!

I'm Steven with EJO Ventures in Nashville. We're HIRING an instructor for a CompTIA A+. Please contact me if you or anyone that you know is interested. [email protected]

- 6 month contract
- Mon and Wed
- 9am - 12 noon
- in-person
- Nashville, TN
Hope your keeping well , a while back I did Data+ and Server+ TTT Series webinars

if you get a chance I would really appreciate if you can get me the vouchers for server+ data+ and linux+ I have attempted exams on my own costs but was unsuccessful at first attempt , im sense ready to take them again.

best regards
Matthew browne
Hello everyone! I am preparing projects for Master's students at the university. The Project+ revision was very timely. This is part of their learning.
Rick Butler
I'm glad you enjoyed it! Good luck with your course development efforts! /r
Hi! I would love to assist you with your query. Do you know who your Business Development Manager is? If not, please provide me with your Full name, email and Organization name and I'll see if I can find that out for you.
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Eric Brockman - [email protected]- Focus on Communities United for Success - he's not any real help.
Is this your name and surname and your Organization name? Once I receive your details I will be able to see who your CompTIA Business Development Manager is.
I am Bakary KL Darbo, a Trainer and Quality Assurance Officer and would like to share knowledge and experience with others.


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