Well Hello Stephen!
Ivie been trying to reach you about the CYSA+ voucher. I met all of the qualifications but did not receive the voucher. If you need me to send you the attendance certifications, please let me know.
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Michael Schmitz
I believe Stephen is busy.
Best way is to reach in Private via Email or the Message Board in CIN.
Posting this only is one way, but does everybody need to know this?
Hi Stephen,

Can you please unlock my account? I was installing the app and tried to access it many times. On a forgot password, I get the locked-out message.

Thank you in advance.
Am so excited to inform CINners that I won the CompTIA Instructor of the year Award and CIN Most Valuable Contributor Award for the just ended COMPTIA AFRICA AWARDS 2023 at La Toscana Monte Casino Johannesburg, South Africa.

@BenjaminKN @Rick Butler @Stephen Schneiter @Peter Hanwith-Horden


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@Fanuel congratulations 🎈🎉🍾 and well done 👍.Hopeful that I will get an invite to attend this event next year.
It takes place after every 2 years, the next event is in 2025
Hi Chaitanya

Unfortunately, I still have not received the CySA+ Voucher for the TTT - even I have attended all sessions.

Could you please double check on this?

My mail is: [email protected]

Thank you and

Best regards

Hi Stephen! I hope you are fabulous! I am the Delivery Program Manager at ATGI. We are a new partner to CompTIA. My boss, Lisa Utt met you at the Partner Summit. She was amazed with your dedication, experience, and knowledge, and we would love to speak with you to get an understanding from the instructor perspective. Please let me know if you would be available to chat with us. Thank you in advance! Patty Tylski
Stephen Schneiter
Hi Patti, nice to meet you. I would be happy to meet you. Feel free to reach out to me directly, [email protected]
Hi Franz, are you still needing coaches for this year's NCL event? If yes, I am interested. How may I get involved? Thank you in advance.

Warm regards,
Carnegie Johnson
Hello Steve, Hope you're doing fine. I just wanted to see if you still have the Canvas course shell available for IT Helpdesk Fundamental. I tried the link below but it did not work for me. Thanks R. Sanchez
Greetings one and all, I am new to this forum. Starting my 3rd year as the CTE Information Technology teacher for Tyler ISD. Looking to implement the CompTIA IT Fundamentals + Certification this year. I'm open to any suggestions as to where to start with the CompTIA Learning and Resources website for myself to implement within my classroom this year. Thank you for any assistance in advance.
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Hi Cynthia,
Welcome in CIN, good to have new Instructors on board.
You can find on-demand webinars here:
It cover all information needed though.
Happy watching.
Thank you for your assistance. I will get started.
James P.
Currently teaching ITF+, A+ & Security+ combined


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I have already passed CompTIA Security + 601 and Linux + XK0-005. Doing so has extended my A+ certification expiration date out to 2028.
If I go and pass the new 1101 and 1102 does that nullify my 2028 expiration date and only extend my A+ out three years from now?
Let me know if you need further clarification. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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Rick Butler
I don't think so. I think that will remain, but I'm not 100% certain. I think I experienced the same thing with my account. Might be a good question for support. And if you find out, let us all know! Good question for sure.

Hi Rick,
This is Dave Hurst. What do you do in the Springs? I lived there many years ago where I was station ed at Cheyenne Mtn AFB. In 1994 when I was sent to Kirtlan AFB in Albuquerque.
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Rick Butler
Presently, I'm the Director of IT for IntelliTec College. I got here in 1994, assigned to Ft. Carson, out in 1996 and have been here all this time. It's changed a lot in the last 30 years.