Watched the CIN the pulse today. I feel that IT overall is going to grow and continue to grow. Cybersecurity needs to be on everyone’s mind. A strong IT fundamentals is going to be needed in the future.
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Hey @Stephen Schneiter

I Received a Project+ voucher from you for the TTT Session i did.

I actually don't require it as i have passed the Project+ exam already , perhaps i could donate it to someone or do a swap with you.

I only have Data+ left to take with CompTIA I have passed all other Exams , let me know if you could do anything for me.

Kind regards
Hello Stephen. I am past my 2nd Session for Data+ TTT(It's GREAT by the way.) and it said there is an E-book available. Cnd you tell me how I can get access to the E-book for Data+?
Thanks much.
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If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux, it means we've won. Oh wait...Sysmon for Linux, Skype for Linux, Teams (uggh) for Linux...we did it!!
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Hi Stephen

I’ve been awaiting sense December for the vouchers any chance you can send them on you said back on December 16 you would get them sent over.

I have already ended up purchasing 4 exams vouchers which I did trainer sessions for , would really appreciate a reply on this.

Open for Remote Trainer opportunities!
  • 10+ years of global experience (US, Canada, Europe, Middle East)
  • Certifications: CISA, CISM, CEH, CDPSE, MCP, CCNA, CCSA, OCP, OCE
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UPDATE! I emailed Stephen Schneiter and he sent me both voucher codes - A+ Core 1 and A+ Core 2. Thank you Stephen!
This sound encouraging, I had only received one voucher for core 1, 😃
Wishing all members of CIN The Merriest Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Years. Happy Holiday's to one and all. Side notes: Send Rick Donuts.
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Rick Butler
Oh no, let's get this right

The 2022 CIN Christmas List


@Trevor Chandler a baker's dozen of donuts - bacon maple for preference
@Stephen Schneiter a lovely bourbon.
@Lee McWhorter a new fancy pool cue.
@Rick Butler copious amounts of coffee - Black Rifle, Death Wish, or some other high octane (pls, no Starbucks)
thanks to you too