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N10-009 Slide errors

Hello everyone, if you are teaching N10-009, do take note of a few errors on the slide deck. (Maybe the content creators can update the materials?)

Module 5 Slide 19 (Question 4 suggested answer should be OSPF)

Module 6 Slide 31 (The diagram is cut off at the bottom, steps 6 and 7 is not visible)

Module 9 Slide 39 (Should read "Rogue DHCP Server Attacks involve an unauthorized server distributing incorrect network addresses to clients")

Took the CloudNetX Beta today

I was honored to be chosen to be among the first to acquiree the CloudNetX inception version certification. I completed the exam today.

Advanced cloud networking skills across multiple providers, particularly cloud connectivity technologies and solutions such as VXLAN, GENEVE, CMDB, ZTNA, Wifi-6, WPA3, Wireguard VPN, DEVOPS, IaC Resource provisioning and configuration, Version Control secrets management, and QoS, were heavily featured in the exam.

Some Performance Based Questions were slightly difficult, while others were outright simple if you have actual cloud networking abilities, particularly in VPC peering, WAF, Application Gateway, and NSG configuration.

It was a rewarding challenge that I eagerly accepted to supplement my practical abilities across a wide range of cloud technologies, and I am confident of passing when the results of this beta exam are revealed in January 2025.

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Student question stumped the class, unable to drive the nail home for this question.

In CompTIA Network+ N10-008 Student Guide, Pg. 163. or Instructor Guide Pg. 168.
Question 5 states:
5. A company has eight networks, using the subnet addresses, … What network prefix and subnet mask can be used to summarize a
supernet route to these networks?

It takes 3 bits to summarize eight networks (23 = 8). Subtracting 3 bits from the existing network
mask makes the supernet network prefix /21. The third octet of the mask will use 5 bits, which is
248 in decimal (25 = 248), so the full mask is

This class is unable to grasp this concept, & I am running out of ways to explain & time to stay on track to finish class where I need to for the day. Any help explaining is greatly appreciated.

CIN The Pulse - If a bad organizational culture eats ethics for breakfast, then will AI steal your lunch money?

OK! Our next session of The Pulse is coming up on Thursday July 25th. It’s time to get past the FUD and take a data-driven look at what AI is doing for us, to us, and with us. Join CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist, Dr. James Stanger, to learn about research CompTIA has completed about recent AI trends. He will discuss the impact of current AI usage, and the myriad meanings of the term, “AI.” Are in an era of Copilot co-dependence, or are we in an era of AI enhanced, hyper-human creativity and interaction? James will also discuss case studies of how AI may be affecting job roles and work flows.

AI now creates the music we hear and the things we see. We’ve seen what happens when we drop tech and automation into a problematic culture. What happens when drop AI into the mix? Will it create chaos or cultural guardrails? Join James to learn more about the impacts of our current and future use of AI.

What: CIN The Pulse Webinar
When: Thursday July 25, 2024, 10:00 am CDT, one-hour session
Where: ON24
Who: Dr. James Stanger, CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist

Register Now


CompTIA Cloud+ release date - July 16, 2024?

I'm not certain of the validity of this document, but it appears that the new version of Cloud+ will go live on July 16, 2024. No idea about the timeline for the beta exam scores.

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Are Comptia training instructors required to be certified in the course they teach?

I have a trainer who is a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Cyber Security with tons of experience in both lecturing and security project. He can teach the security and network plus courses but does not have the certifications.

Is he required to be certified before training?

Ruh Roh...More Bad Press for Gemini AI

This is why I am going to be on the trailing edge of the entire AI party.

It really is a fundamental level of trust.

New Instructor looking for part-time work.

Hello all,
I've been in IT field for over 20 years, mostly as an administrator and engineer. I'm looking to take my knowledge and skills to another avenue as an instructor. I have certifications in Comptia as well as Microsoft, and recently have become an MCT. I've done some training internally and am now looking for an opportunity to instruct outside my current role part time, and test the waters. I suspected this would be difficult getting my foot in the door, just as any new venture would be.

Any leads or opportunities would be most appreciated.

Best regards.

Scott Grossman

Job Opening for Network+ Instructor at WatSPEED, University of Waterloo

WatSPEED is looking for a Network+ instructor for a fall offer, please find details in link below.


5.6.11 Lab: Configure Switch IP Settings - CLI

Just sharing this seemingly disconnected instruction and question in the 5.6.11 Lab: Configure Switch IP Settings - CLI

The instruction says to find the IP address assigned to F0/0 of the SFO router. (ok, i understand the task)
The task says, use "show cdp neighbors detail" (eh?)


If you follow the instructions, you'll get this:

If you are a Cisco instructor, you would know that the better command to use is "show ip interface brief"

Fortunately, my class knows Cisco configuration.
But I'm sharing this with everyone as we find the instruction abit lost in answering the question.

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5.1.10 Lab: Cisco Troubleshooting Tools - wrong answer Q#8

Good day! Has anyone done the lab re: 5.1.10 Lab: Cisco Troubleshooting Tools from TestOut Labs for Network+?

One of the tasks says "Test the connection from SFO router to Wrk1".
As you can see in the screenshot, the ping is successful.


So we answer the question:


But when we check the answers, it will say that we answered it wrong.

Per checking, the answer that it is looking for is 0 (zero). What???


I hope someone from CompTIA and/or TestOut can fix this erratum.

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PearsonVue / OnVue problems June 2024

What the absolute blazes is going on with Pearson Vue this month?

Two or three weeks ago they had a big service disruption which affected both OnVue and testing center exams. Everybody was getting kicked out of their exams.

And now on Reddit and Discord there's numerous mentions of waiting lines 100+ people deep, with test-takers waiting 1-3 hours before even starting their exams.

There's something really bad going on with PearsonVue and it reflects badly on CompTIA.

Someone needs to step up and provide proper communication and guidance.

CA1-005: CompTIA SecurityX Certification Beta Exam

PearsonVue has the CA1-005: CompTIA SecurityX Certification Beta Exam listed under "Other exams." When I attempted to register for it, it stated "Scheduling for this exam will begin in the future." Apparently, registration doesn't start until May 17, 2024.

My current CASP+ doesn't expire until 2028 because I used my CISM to renew it, so I don't need it right away. Plus, I'm an Adjunct Instructor for CompTIA so I can get a free voucher when the exam goes live. I'm posting this so that others can take advantage of the beta exam.

Job opening - IT Program Director and Instructor

Looking for someone who can start out with training A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+, CySA+, PenTest+ but eventually become the IT program director in charge of the following:


1. Program Development and Planning
- Develop and oversee the implementation of IT training programs and courses.
- Set program goals, define scope, and outline necessary resources and timelines.
- Stay updated with industry trends to ensure programs remain relevant.

2. Leadership and Team Management
- Hire, Lead and manage a team of instructors and adjunct trainers.
- Provide training, mentorship, and performance evaluations to staff.
- Foster a collaborative and supportive team environment.

3. Curriculum Design and Quality Assurance
- Ensure that all courses meet high-quality standards and align with industry certifications.
- Regularly review and update curriculum to incorporate new technologies and practices.
- Develop and implement assessment methods to evaluate student progress and program effectiveness.

4. Budget and Resource Management
- Develop and manage budgets for IT programs.
- Ensure optimal allocation of resources, including hardware, software, and learning materials.
- Monitor expenses and ensure cost-effectiveness.

5. Stakeholder Communication
- Act as the primary point of contact for program stakeholders, including students, instructors, and industry partners.
- Provide regular updates on program progress and outcomes.
- Address and resolve any stakeholder concerns.

6. Student Engagement and Support
- Develop strategies to enhance student engagement and retention.
- Provide support and resources to help students succeed in their courses.
- Oversee job placement services and build relationships with potential employers.

7. Risk Management
- Identify potential risks to program success and develop mitigation strategies.
- Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and accreditation standards.

8. Performance Monitoring and Reporting:
- Track program performance against established metrics.
- Prepare and present regular reports to senior management.


- Certifications in the courses you will be teaching in information Technology and at least 2 years training experience required
- Proven experience in program management, preferably in an educational setting.
- Strong leadership and team management skills.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
- Budget management experience.
- Knowledge of current IT industry trends and certifications.

Desired Skills

- Project management certification (e.g., PMP) is a plus.
- Experience with curriculum design and instructional technology - We can adapt whichever platform you are comfortable with
- Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
- Student engagement - The ability to create a collaborative and engaging environment during and after course completion is critical
- Communication both written and verbal to both staff and students will be required
- Mentorship - provide student support during and after graduation (provide testing support, tools and resources)
- Internships - Connect with local businesses to establish internships and apprenticeships for graduates
- Trustworthiness - Communication and collaboration with stakeholders is key. Time sheet fraud will not be tolerated
- Transfer knowledge - Students who enroll with ACT are typically career changers and new to the IT industry, logging out of class and leaving students to fend for themselves is unacceptable. The student experience is everything to ACT AND the student.
- Your hourly salary is dependent on you actually working - i.e. If you did not actually work 40 hours, you will not be paid for 40 hours. Thought that would be self explanatory but apparently not speaking from experience
- Understanding of local workforce boards, grants, services and job placement services (will train)
- Policies and Procedures - Knowledge of school and student policies and procedures is a must. You will have access and discretion to implement these with stakeholder approval.
- This is a remote position - however, local Tampa area candidates a plus.
- Salary is commensurate upon education, certs, work history and skill set as well as training experience.
- This is a full time position with consistent work year round

CIN TTT Series - CompTIA Network+ N10-009 ( Access to CompTIA Instructor Guide for N10-009 Certification)

I'm currently participating in the train-the-trainer sessions for the N10-009 certification series as a new IT freelance trainer. I'm excited to learn and prepare for delivering quality sessions next month. Will there be access to the CompTIA instructor guide for N10-009 during these sessions?

Your insights and expertise from the train-the-trainer series would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a ton for your help.

Seeking IT Instructor Opportunities

Hello CIN Community,

I am looking for opportunities as an IT instructor. With certifications including CompTIA CySA+, Microsoft SC-400, and Azure Solution Architect, and extensive experience training over 300 students as Head Coach at TechStarters Africa, I am eager to lend my expertise to the community.

If you know of any opportunities, I would love to connect.

Thank you!