CIN Sneak Peek: Network+ N10-009

Yes, it is time to talk about the next version of Network+! The new version will launch in mid-may 2024! Join CIN and special guest @Hod Berman as he takes a Sneak Peek into the changes in the new exam objectives. We will discuss how to cover the content with students and suggest various labs to let students gain hands-on experience as they prepare for certification.

Networking is networking! Or is it! Come join us to hear how things are changing!

What: two-hour webinar investigating updated Network+ exam
When: Tuesday, March 5, 10:00 AM CST
Where: ON24
Who: Hod Berman
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Just Starting Out, Looking for Guidance

Good morning all, I'm looking to start a CompTIA training cell with my company and I'm just looking for some general guidance. I taught A+, Network+, and Security+ while I was on active duty in the Marine Corps for about 3 years. I've since transitioned to civilian life and I see the opportunity to expand the company I work for into the CompTIA training sector in our region. I have attended various formalized instructor trainings through the military but I'd still like to attend a TTT if possible. Also, I've contacted CompTIA about becoming a delivery partner, I hope that works out too!

Is there anything you guys would recommend that someone just starting out should do? I have the classroom experience teaching and the certifications and education. I've never done any kind of sales or business development though.


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Practical AI for Instructors

As a follow-up from our CIN Instructor Toolbox webinar about how AI may be incorporated into course delivery, I thought we could keep the conversation going here in the community. Do you have a best practice for using AI in your course? Do you have examples or prompts you would like to share? Do you have an AI resources you would like to share? Maybe you have a question about using AI in the classroom. Let's talk about it here.

Looking forward to sharing! If you missed the webinar, you can view the on-demand session.

CIN Instructor Toolbox: Practical AI for Instructors

During the last TTT series, John Guise was talking to me about how he was using AI to help with lesson plans and how his organization is adopting AI from an instructor's point of view. I thought it was very interesting and have asked John if he would be will to share and demonstrate some of the practices they are adopting and utilizing as they develop courses for their students. Join us for our first CIN Instructor Toolbox of 2024 as we take a look at how instructors can utilize AI.

What: two-hour webinar highlighting tools and best practices for implementing AI in your training environment.
When: Wednesday February 28, 2024, 1:00 p.m. CST
Where: ON24
Who: John Guise, ECPI University

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Passed CompTIA CySA+!

I am glad to report I passed CompTIA CySA+ today. I set a high bar for myself by taking the CySA+ rather than the Security+ and my score was just barely above passing, but a passing grade is a passing grade, right? :D

Alas, I never did get the two vouchers that were promised to me for attending the Security+ and CySA+ Train-the-Trainer sessions, but a co-worker of mine was able to get me a voucher through another contact they had at CompTIA. So if you're still waiting, maybe try another avenue or bug a colleague with good connections!

- Marcio

Cloud+ beta, february 2024

EDIT: Let me rephrase my post, instead of ranting like a jealous child. :)

Has anyone here received an invite for the current Cloud+ beta?

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I have missed out on multiple fun betas, because they didn't get publicly posted. Instead the invite was emailed to a limited group of people, whose demographics I don't know.

@Stephen Schneiter can you enlighten me? What is the process for inviting people into the betas?

Tech+ FC0-U71

Curious. Is anyone teaching IT Fundamentals and looking to move to the new Tech+? I am putting together a Sneak Peek for the new Tech+ and looking for a lead instructor. If you would like to share your experience and discuss the differences between the new course with your fellow CIN members, DM me, and let's connect.

Better job postings attract better (and more) applicants

I see lots of job postings both here and on other job websites. Unfortunately, many recruiters have highly unrealistic expectations and then wonder why they don't get a lot of quality applicants. Here are some of the common issues I see and how they could be improved.

Many jobs posted as "entry level" aren't really entry level. They require advanced degrees such as Masters Degrees, multiple certifications such as CASP+/CISSP/CISM, several years of experience with cloud/cybersecurity/programming/infrastructure/risk management, That is not entry level. That is advanced level. People with that complete list of qualifications will not apply for your "entry level" position. Masters Degrees should only be required for mid to upper management level positions. CASP+/CISSP/CISM are advanced certifications. If you want entry level, Security+ should be the most advanced certification you recommend (not require).

Most jobs do not list salary ranges, and then they require applicants to go through multiple rounds of interviews. There is nothing more frustrating for job applicants and recruiters than to schedule a series of interviews with different stakeholders over the course of several weeks only to discover the position pays significantly less than the amount the applicant is seeking. No offense, but I"m 52 years old with 30+ years of experience so I don't want your $30K per year job. Start with four times that amount and I might be interested. Recruiters should do themselves and the applicants a huge favor. List the salary range. If you don't get a large pool of applicants, look at both the salary range and the requirements. You may not be aligned with industry trends.

Some industries just don't understand the marketplace. High schools, colleges, and government typically pay a tiny fraction of the rate that the open market and public/private companies pay. Why would you want to teach at a high school for $40K or to teach at a college for $66K when you can teach corporate customers for $90K or more? If you're offering less than $100K for someone with a Masters Degree in a technical field, such as cybersecurity, the good applicants will find employment elsewhere. Do your research to find out what a Python developer with seven years experience makes. Or what the average CySA+ or PenTest+ certification holder makes. There are plenty of online resources for researching salaries.

Many jobs are nothing more than side hustles. Lots of jobs are part-time or term contract work. I worked as an independent contractor for 12 years. It's inconsistent work at best, there are no benefits whatsoever, and you are responsible for your own taxes, and it required constant travel. I was on the road 5 days per week for 45 weeks per year. That's exhausting work for a lower quality of life. Part-time work is an option only if you already have a full time job with a very flexible schedule, which means you won't get many applicants for classes taught every Tuesday during the day for ten weeks. Consider creating full-time salaried positions.

Many jobs offer the bare minimum in benefits packages. Two weeks per year of time off? Thanks but no thanks. Try starting with three or four weeks. Medical/dental/vision plans should be reasonable and affordable. 401k options should include company matching. Incentive-based bonus structures are welcomed. Offer comprehensive onboarding and career development options. The more you invest in your employees, the more likely they are to be productive and to remain loyal.

Many jobs require working onsite or hybrid work. That eliminates countless highly qualified fully remote applicants from the potential job pool. The vast majority of tech work, especially training and education, can be done 100% remotely. My wife and I moved to the Tampa Bay, Florida area last year and we have no intentions of moving elsewhere. Quality of life matters with today's job seekers. If the job can be done remotely, list it as a remote position. Occasional travel is fine, but remote workers are more productive because they don't waste countless hours commuting. And you save a lot of money on office rentals, supplies, utilities, taxes, etc.

For applicants, pay attention to the language in the job listings. Also pay attention to the hiring process. If an organization has unrealistic expectations in the hiring process, they most likely have unrealistic expectations every day at work.

701 content question (answer for exam or job interview)

If the question shown below were asked in a job interview, which answers would you advise students to select? Would your advice be the same if the question were on the 701 cert exam? Given the definition of "cryptographic algorithm" in the 701 manual, I don't know which answers would be scored as correct on the 701 exam.

Laws and regulations require your organization to use cryptographic algorithms to secure some data. Which of these are cryptographic algorithms? (Select all that apply)

A. Hashing
B. Encoding
C. Decoding
D. Encryption
E. Decryption

CompTIA Partner Summit - Save the Date!!

IT'S TIME! Mark your calendars and start planning! CompTIA is thrilled to invite you to the upcoming CompTIA Partner Summit in Atlanta, GA, from July 31 to August 1, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. This event is a tribute to our shared mission of fostering innovation, overcoming challenges, and creating new opportunities in IT education. It's time to sync in and align our efforts for a transformative future.

At the Summit, as a partner, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other educators and industry professionals, building valuable relationships that will enhance your network.
  • Share and receive powerful insights and successful teaching strategies, allowing you to align with the latest trends and practices in IT education.
  • Explore the latest methods for engaging and effective IT instruction, ensuring you're in tune with the most effective teaching techniques.
Be sure to join us for a CINfull good time!!


Instructors Needed in the Maryland (USA) Area

QUANTUM INTRINSIX is looking for instructors (USA only) that can teach various CompTIA courses. It is preferred that the instructors reside near the Maryland / DC / VA area. However, QUANTUM INTRINSIX would be willing to work with instructors that can deliver remotely. The instructor would be a 1099 contractor. If you are interested, please send a private message to us via Inbox.

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Project + TT

I recently finished the Project + Train the Trainer Series with Rick and Steve and it was a great session. I am now getting ready to schedule my exam and study. I have never formally taught any course and this will be my first. I had a few questions.

  • How may sessions and how many hours is the prep course for the exam? The same as the TT series? 8 - 2hour sessions?
  • What should an instructor charge for teaching per hour for an organization and what does an individual pay typically for the prep course?
  • Do I just use the documents in the toolkit to teach the course or do I need to create my own slides?

  • Also, if all this information is available anywhere, please let me know.

Control Categories (Operational vs Managerial)

I noticed a lot of discussion about how Comptia determines the differences between Managerial and Operational Controls?
On example is Awareness Programs (Training) because depending on the author, some categorize them as Managerial while others consider it as an Operational Control.
What are your thoughts? and what are your recommendations on how to better explain this to students (and even to explain them why testout content differs from most internet sources)?

*** 701 PASSED ***

Team, I sat and passed the new 701 Security+ exam. Very nice exam! I only used TestOut, which I had access to via TTT. TestOut covers all and beyond with this exam. I thought the PBQs were fair and fun to do. I had plenty of time to answer the multiple-choice questions, review flagged questions, tackle the PBQs and review them.

As long as you know the testing objectives, you should be good to go! I hope this helps those that are pursuing this exam.


(ICS)2 Certified Cybersecurity

I know that ICS2 and CompTIA are competitors in the certification space. However as a teacher in the high schools space I am always looking for low cost and free resources to help my students start in the field. I have come across the (ICS)2 One million certified in Cyber promotion they are doing.

I ran though there free training material in a few hours and am trying it out on some of my students to see what they think of it. It seems to be a base level of “very” basic knowledge of Cybersecurity. I wanted to know what other thoughts on it are if any.

I am still going to keep my main certifications with CompTIA and Cisco for my class but do people think if the material is easier to understand for the students would you use it with your classes (High school students).

This is something that I wish CompTIA would jump on, a basic Cybersecurity certification that is not geared to technical. That both non-IT professional and IT starters could take.

PS if anyone has any other material that they want to share would love to know of more. I am always looking for ways my students can do more.

Free VMs with Walk Throughs:

I publish a couple of times a month on the page below. I try to make sure the skills emphasized are aligned with Sec+/PenTest+, but are on level with what one might expect on an exam like the OSCP. I do teach cybersecurity certification classes and I find that labs like these work really well for individuals who want to go beyond the test training, apply what they are learning, and develop notes that are easily referenced when tackling challenges on sites like Hack-the-Box.

Perhaps someone out there will find these labs useful either individually or in the classroom!