Linux+ XK0-005 TTT Series

Join the CompTIA Instructor Network and special guest Lee McWhorter as he leads the Linux+ TTT series. Lee will cover the exam objectives and provide hands on examples as you strengthen your Linux skills. We will discuss how to cover the content with students and suggest various labs to let students gain hands-on experience as they prepare for certification.

The CompTIA Linux+ is for the IT pro who will use Linux to manage everything from cars and smartphones to servers and supercomputers, as a vast number of enterprises use Linux in cloud, cybersecurity, mobile and web administration applications.

What: 10-session webinar series
When: Begins Monday, July 11, 2022 (Note: Sessions are on Monday and Tuesday evening CST)
Where: ON24
Who: Lee McWhorter, CTO Covered 6 LLC.
Register Here

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Need Presentation Planner For A+ Core 2 1102 file

Hoping someone can help me here.

I was able to received from CompTIA courseware for the A+ Core 1 1101 series class, but cannot get our sales rep to answer my emails, guessing he on vacation.
I am under a bit of a rush as my college wants my course plan ASAP.

Would someone have a copy of the A+ 1102 series 'Presentation Planner for A+ Core 2.xlsx' file you would be willing to share with me?

Just Passed Network+ Exam N10-008

Just passed the CompTIA Network+ exam. Not too happy with the score I got, but that's the result. Need to study more deeply.
I have approximately 23 years of experience in the networking field and have also obtained several vendor-based network certifications (Cisco, Juniper, MikroTik etc.), but I was quite surprised to find that the questions in the Network+ certification exam were quite challenging for me.
I used the official study guide given after attending the TTT sessions and also practiced with several labs that I made myself using packet tracer and GNS3.
Thank you @Stephen Schneiter , @samberumen and this community for the opportunity to join the TTT.

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Answer to Question of the Week #20 Would you be interested in future events or webinars around the A+ Workbench Labs?

How relevant is this question to you as an Instructor?

  • Very relevant

  • Not sure

  • No relevance

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Hi everyone & Welcome to Friday!

Thank you to all who participated last week! We will be sharing some helpful links and future events centered around all of CompTIA's events. We are taking the feedback we received this week to develop a session around the CIN instructor toolbox in the background. We will NOT have a question on Monday this week in honor of the holiday. We will be celebrating Independence Day company-wide on July 4th, 2022; see you all back here on Tuesday this week!

CompTIA Events
As the technology industry evolves and innovates—and always is—it’s critical to stay on top of what’s happening. CompTIA events foster the collaboration, learning opportunities, and resources necessary to absorb, analyze and capitalize on trends and plan effectively for the future. We bring the tech community together through our executive forums, regional events, virtual meetings, and more—giving everyone the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and visions for the industry.

CompTIA Live Streaming Events
CompTIA frequently shares updates and new content on YouTube Live. Subscribe to the CompTIA Connect Channel now. Click the bell and never miss an episode, upload, or live broadcast. Help us spread the word about this new channel aimed at advancing the business of technology by liking and sharing this video!

channelcon-2022-1200x400-events-website.pngCompTIA Meetings & Events

Celebrating Technology and Innovation Today and Exploring What Lies Ahead​

July 7, 2022, at 2:00 PM (EDT)

CompTIA Space Enterprise Council July Meeting​

July 12, 2022, at 1:00 PM (EST)

Ask the Executive Directors: NASCIO and CompTIA PTI to Discuss the State and Local Government Technology Landscape​

July 14, 2022, at 3:00 PM (EDT)

On-Demand Webinars

Preparing Students for a Successful Interview​

June 2, 2022 at 2:30 PM (EDT)

How to use CompTIA ISAO Threat Intelligence in Splunk Intelligence Management? Part 2 in the Threat Intelligence series​

May 4, 2022 at 11:00 AM (CDT)

CompTIA-PTI 2022 Local Government CIO & Tech Leader Summit - Part 1​

April 28, 2022 at 10:00 AM (ET)

CompTIA Channel Training

There are no events scheduled at this time, please check back soon.

Industry Events

Build IT Live 2022​

Jersey City, NJ
July 27 - 29, 2022

ChannelPro SMB Forum 2022: Southeast​

Charlotte, South Carolina
August 8 - 9, 2022

Commercial UAV Expo 2022​

Las Vegas, Nevada
September 6 - 8, 2022

What are you using to share files with students?

O.K. CompTIA Instructors. What tools are you using to share materials with your students? Materials could be text files to PDFs to videos.

Google Drive?

I've used Google Drive, DropBox, and websites. All of their pros and cons. I'm looking for opinions and ideas.
I'm hoping that you are all enjoying your summer! Thanks in advance.

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Question of the Week #20 Would you be interested in future events or webinars around the A+ Workbench Labs?

How relevant is this question to you as an Instructor?

  • Very relevant

  • Not sure what to do to put my students in the best position

  • No relevance

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Happy Monday!

I hope you all enjoyed the last question of the week and thank you to all who participated!

This week we are going to continue; our discussion around A+ labs, building on the answer provided to you on Friday. As valued partners of CompTIA; We want to hear from YOU please provide feedback on what would be beneficial for you and your team when you are using the new A+ Workbench Labs!

Question: Would you be interested in future events or webinars around the A+ Workbench Labs? There is still time to request your sample, stay tuned Friday for some follow-up information about future events.

Enjoy the rest of your week and check back on Friday for our answer!

Arkansas State University Mid-South is looking for Information Systems Technology Instructor (full-time/10 month/30hrs) and an Adjunct Instructor (pt)

:)Open Positions!: Arkansas State University Mid-South (ASU Mid-South) is looking for an Information Systems Technology Instructor (full-time, 10-month, 30 hours per week) an Adjunct Instructor (part-time) for our Information Systems Technology Program.

Here are the links:
Information Systems Technology Instructor (full-time, 10-month, 30 hours per week position with full college benefits)

Adjunct Instructor – Information Systems Technology (part-time)

Please submit all requested materials to:

Arkansas State University Mid-South
2000 West Broadway
West Memphis, AR 72301

Fax: 870-733-6719
Email: [email protected]

ASU Mid-South and the Arkansas State University System are Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employers.

Here at Arkansas State University Mid-South, “It’s a different kind of class.”

FREE courses via LinkedIn Learning - OSPF + RIP & EIGRP

It’s my birthday! Woot woot! 🎉

I don't have a cake to share but I got other treat for you – that is, to have my RIP & EIGRP course in LinkedIn Learning for FREE!
Check out my featured post in LinkedIn. 👇

Also check the featured post from December, in case you missed the FREE access to my OSPF course.

NOTE: The course is FREE for 24 hours from when you first click through
Feel free to connect or follow me at LinkedIn (at your own risk, lol, just kidding)

The courses are Cisco-based. My apologies if they ain't CompTIA materials.

Wireless Exploitation Framework (WEF)

This is a tool that was recently released - I've been playing with it today and it's quite well done and fully-featured.
As a result, it'd be a great addition to a Pentest+ (or Security+/CySA+/CASP+) course.

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Question of the Week #19 How would you utilize A+ labs in your future trainings? -ANSWER

How relevant is this question to you as an Instructor?

  • Very relevant

  • Not sure what to do to put my students in the best position

  • No relevance (Not yet used)

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Hello Happy Friday!

Based on CompTIA's research and best practice recommendations, CompTIA A+ is the only industry-recognized credential with performance testing to prove professionals can think on their feet to perform critical IT support tasks.

Because performance is so essential to the A+ Certification, it is critical to set aside time in class for hands-on practice. Studies show learners only retain about 10% in a lecture format, but deeper learning and retention can increase by up to 75% when learners are given the ability to practice real-world tasks and skills in combination with other learning styles. The A+ course offers a comprehensive 50 hands-on labs, so even restructuring to a competency-first learning model could power considerable retention and engagement returns.

We still want to hear from you! If you have any feedback on how this has worked within your courses, please don't hesitate to share!

Have a great weekend!

Resource: - MSFT Licensing Made a Fair Bit Easier

Hey CIN'ers:

So, I was on the horn with Dell today to discuss options and ideas on how to license MSFT products. If you're like me, trying to make sense of MSFT licensing can be a real pain in the butt. So much to the fact that maybe MSFT should make a certification, just for that.

Well, today, a nice gal by the name of Emili shared this site with me:

So basically, there are cross sectional visuals that show what products go with what offering, A1, A3, A5 for academics, E3/E5 for business enterprise.

I poured all over MSFT looking for sites that would make life easier. Well, I feel a lot better trying to understand what packages go where.

Hope this is helpful to you all if you are presented with the licensing you need to get.


Review: CompTIA Workbench Labs vs. PC Builder Simulator

I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to do a review of PC Builder Simulator. I also know that some of you have had the opportunity to fiddle around with the game, either the scaled-down freeware version or the full version. And I also know that there is a new version of PCBS on its way, but I wanted to get this in front of you, just in case you were curious.

PC Builder Simulator

Like so many sim style games, PCBS has some great features. It's funny, because this is, in all things, a game. But, it is a game that revolves around work, so I guess that's the great paradox here.

Like any simulator, the player has the option to be able to pull a computer in, do a 360° view of the machine, tearing it all down, putting all together, swapping out parts, that sort of thing. The only thing I did not see

The one thing I absolutely like about PCBS that we don't see in the training simulators (generally because it's out of scope with the exam), is the economy feature. With PCBS, the player has to be cognizant of their cash reserves, and their present inventory on the shelf. When an e-mail comes in requesting, for example, an upgrade to a graphics card, the player can't just swap in any new card that they will; they have to buy one that is within budget. So if they only have $200 for an upgrade, they're not going to be able to get a $400 graphics card.

As the player runs a shop within the game, there are external costs involved. A player can't just run their own CompuHut without paying the light bill or rent on the building, so if they don't have the appropriate cash reserves, they may find themselves not able to work because the power is turned off or paying a fine for late payment.

In order for the player to advance in the game, the shop have to be upgraded with additional benches, as well as upgrades to support software. The player has the option to build up a bench stock, but that's a gamble, because parts may end up getting bought that are needed, which can be sold back but significantly less than what were paid for them.

Another feature of the game is reputation. The player has to read the various e-mails and dissect within the request things that may be within the power of the player to do. E-mails come in from users that have a minimal reputation and if the player hasn't built up that reputation, they can't respond to the e-mail. If the reputation gets too low, the player may be consigned to malware scans and case cleanings until they can build up the brownie points to take on more trustworthy jobs.

There is also a small ethics component within the game. When a player sees the computer, there are little things on the desktop that may attract the interest of the player, within the game. If the player starts rummaging around a user's computer, that may end up costing the player reputation points for an ethics violation. Now, I haven't actually experienced this, because I am trying to grind the game up to where I can get the big jobs, so I'm kind of scared to take the risk. LOL. But then, isn't that the way real life is?

Finally, the last feature that I was able to experience in the game was what was called the IT Expansion, which basically takes the features of the game and put them into a semi professional corporate environment. The player will answer requests in a ticket format. Additionally, there is a copier in the office that will also require service.

CompTIA A+ Workbench Labs

Workbench Labs provide a guided tour and step-by-step process through hardware support. The software will provide a virtualized environment where the student is able to get a 360° look at a computer. There are step-by-step processes and procedures for doing certain things, such as installing a motherboard, graphics card, processor or RAM. These processes and procedures are designed so the student gets guided instructions on doing things step-by-step.

True to form with respect to the A+, part of the procedure always is safety. In other words, before you open up the case, you need to connect your antistatic wrist strap, and then remove it before powering the workstation. This is something that is not addressed in PCBS at all.

Additionally, where PCBS makes you hold down the mouse button in order to loosen or tighten every single screw that you may encounter, Workbench Labs at least cuts you a break, so all you have to do is click on the pilot screws and they will all magically find your way into their proper holes. This was apparent when installing a motherboard and having to install the motherboard riser screws (standoffs), as well as the other screws for mounting the motherboard onto the case.

At the very end of each Workbench Lab are about 3 to 4 questions that come out of the Lab just performed. Obviously, these are designed to reinforce the key skills that the lesson attempts to bring forth.

Final Thoughts

So when comparing these two packages, it's a lot like comparing a lemon with a lime; they are very similar, but have different characteristics that are germane to the style of play. Both I think are useful in an educational environment. CompTIA Workbench Labs are going to prepare the student with the necessary skills to pass the exam. PCBS provides a bit of realism in the form of entertainment. I do not think PCBS is a complete enough solution for a student to successfully be able to pass the A+ exam, but there are characteristics that are valid for real-life.

Have you had a chance to use either one or both of these packages? If so, put a comment below and tell me what your experiences might've been.


Question of the Week #19 Are you looking for ideas?" Here's the chance to engage with your peers!

Happy Tuesday!

I hope all of you enjoyed the last question of the week and thank you to all who participated!

We are starting on a Tuesday this week, but the answer will still be provided for you on Friday. Continuing our theme of A+ Labs. As valued partners of CompTIA; We want to hear from YOU please provide stories and examples of how you would utilize these amazing new A+ labs in your future trainings?

Please don't be hesitant to share!

Question: How would you utilize A+ labs in your future trainings?

Enjoy the rest of your week, and check back on Friday!

In honor of the holiday!

Hey everyone, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! And Happy Juneteenth weekend! We will NOT have a question on Monday this week in honor of the holiday. We will be celebrating Juneteenth company-wide on June 20th, 2022; see you all back here on Tuesday this week!

Question of the Week #18 - How does the new A+ labs compare to our existing labs products? - ANSWER

Happy Friday Everyone! We are back with another Answer for Question of the Week! Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's post about the NEW A+ Labs. As a reminder, I will put this Monday’s question below:

Question: How does the new A+ labs compare to our existing labs products?

CompTIA is committed to increasing competency through innovation, so we are constantly looking for new and engaging approaches to engross learners, maintain attention and retain knowledge through hands-on application.

Our new A+ course has expanded the number of labs offered and introduced new ways to practice job skills:

Virtual Workbench labs – offer an immersive 3D environment where learners can experience the practical hands-on application of PC Tech job tasks.​
Virtual network simulator – offers a visual learning experience where learners can build, configure and manage network components all in a visually stimulating environment.​
Enhanced VM labs – offer enriched scenarios and tasks designed to immerse the learner in real-world PC technician job responsibilities.​
Assessment-based activities – labs include scored activities to provide immediate feedback for the learner to grow competency.
If you are wanting a sample of the new A+ labs reach out to your CompTIA representative today!

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Preview of Linux+ XKO-005

During last month's Linux+ XKO-005 sneak peek it was mentioned that we will have a preview of Linux+ XKO-005 on the 23rd of June or thereabout. So, I wanted to know if plans are still underway or it has been shifted to a later date? @Stephen Schneiter @Rick Butler @Lee McWhorter

Million Thanks Stephen Schneiter

Dear Highly Respected Mr. Stephen Schneiter - CIN Director

Let me take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude and respect to you for all the awesome things you are doing for us the technology educators and for your always smiling face

The last few TTT webinars that you were organizing and managing for us gave us a boost to update our technical information and that will definitely help us to provide better and quality ComPTIA training courses to our students. On behave of all CIN community Million thanks for you and for our respected TTT trainers for all your efforts and every thing you are doing for us.

Warmest Regards

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Academic Partner and Pearson VUE Testing Center High School Seeking to Proctor Exams

Our high school (and our district) started providing Pearson VUE IT Specialist and Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams to our students this school year through Certiport. We are a CompTIA Academic Partner.

How do we gain certification to also administer CompTIA exams to our students? The priority is ITF+, A+, Net+, and then Sec+.

It would also be nice to be able to administer exams to our teachers - especially if they have vouchers from various TTT series.

New Linux+


Any updates on the release date for the new Linux+ book, exam, and CertMaster labs? We're trying to assess if we will use the new materials (book) in the fall semester. Also, we're evaluating the CertMaster labs for students taking our Intro and Advanced Linux courses (with 10-15 sections each semester). I was asked to provide an update as the book store wants to know what's happening this fall. @Stephen Schneiter


John McConnell